Rock Band Country Track Pack 2 – Release Info, Partial Song List, New Achievements

Over at RockBandAide, details of an upcoming Rock Band track pack have been released.  The game will be released, according to Amazon, on February 1, 2011. The cover mentions that the pack will include a token to export the songs, for free, into Rock Band 3.  So, if you are a country fan, you’ll want to make sure that you pick up this track pack once it is released early next year.

A list of possible songs has been revealed along with some of the achievements for the game that mention specific songs.

  • Billy Currington – That’s How Country Boys Roll
  • Dan Tyminski – The One You Lean On
  • Dierks Bentley – Sideways
  • Dwight Yoakam – Intentional Heartache
  • Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire
  • Keith Urban – Kiss A Girl
  • Martina McBride – Ride
  • Sugarland – Settlin’


  • Ride the Groove – 20G -5-Star “Ride” as a Bassist on Hard or harder
  • Awful Beautiful Career – 35G – Complete Solo Tour on any difficulty
  • International Heartachers – 35G – Complete Band Tour on any difficulty
  • Wild Desire – 20G5-star “Ring of Fire” as a Vocalist on Hard or harder
  • Country Boy Drum Roll – 20G – 5-Star “That’s How Country Boys Roll” as a Drummer on Hard or harder
  • It’s Been A While – 20G – 5-Star “Kiss a Girl” as a Guitarist on Hard or harder
  • The One You Lean On – 10G – Hit all unison bonuses in any song with Guitar, Bass, and Drums
  • Neon Dreams – 10G – Maintain deployed Overdrive for 90 seconds
  • Worked All Week – 10G – Score 100% notes hit with any instrument in “Sideways” … on the weekend.
  • Ain’t Settlin’ – 20G – Earn 80 stars across all songs in Solo or Band Tour
  • Perfect Play – 40G – Earn a gold star on any song
  • Giddy On Up – 10G – Earn more than 1,000,000 points in a single song

Amazon also lists the following details:

  • A Real Barn Burner! A fully functional game with all the greatest features of Rock Band, including: Solo and Band Tour Mode, Quickplay, Tug of War, Score Duel and song unlock progression.
  • The Best Around! Slip on your cowboy hat and dust off your boots for another 21 of the most floor-stompin’, good time tunes in country rock history distilled to perfection, all utilizing the original master recordings.
  • Outlawed Tracks: The entire track list is currently only playable in Rock Band through purchasing the disc or through the export code included with the software.
  • Go Beyond the Disc Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 software ships with download codes to export all 21 tracks to play directly in Rock Band, Rock Band 2 and Rock Band 3.
  • Tracklist consists of Keith Urban, Sugarland, Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, Shania Twain, George Straight and more!

So, be sure to pick up this track pack if you want to expand your Rock Band library with some new songs.

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