Check Out This Years Holiday Cards

All the cards below are ones that were sent to us this year at Platform Nation. I want to thank all the publishers and developers that sent us their holiday greetings this year, that was extremely nice of you. Now for our readers out there, with all the ones you see below, which is your favorite? I’m a big fan of a few of them personally, the one from Bethesda Games was pretty cool, and it contains actual signatures which is always a very nice gesture. I also really like the Deus Ex, WWE All Stars and the Funcom one, they all have pretty sweet designs. But like I asked, what’s your favorite?

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  • I think it’s pretty obvious that Funcom’s holiday Cthulhu is the winner. So funny!

  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Nice Cards! Wish someone would send some of those to me. heh. 🙂

  • Tie between Santa Claus doing the Rock Bottom on The Rock on that WWE Superstars card, the Cthulhu Santa card

  • I like the Fallout:New Vegas card from Bethesda. I’m a sucker for Fallout though. The personal sigs is a nice touch too.