Push Panic Review (iPhone)

Game Review: Push Panic
Release: Dec 18, 2010
Developer: Appular
MSRP: $0.99
Rating: 4+
Version: 1.1.1
Size: 16.8 MB
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Website: Push Panic

Push panic is an addicting puzzle game with many unique features about it. Gameplay is simple making this a fun game for a quick commute or just a quick time killer waiting for a meeting to start.

Push Panic is a colorful and frenetic new puzzle game slated for release
this Fall. Tap groups of blocks of the same color and blast them away
before the pile reaches fills the screen. Link as many blocks of the
same color together to score higher points with massive combos. Blocks
with random power-ups include chain-links to combine multiple color
strings, point multipliers, time freezes, bombs, and a raise-the-bar
block to give players more wiggle room.

exciting, fast-paced gameplay modes alter objectives and keep players
in a frantically fun tizzy. Push Panic is integrated with Game Center
and OpenFeint, and also uses a live ranking system to allow players to
see who they are up against in real time.

Depending on the game mode you choose depends on play style but your goal will be to clear the screen of groups of block by colors. When looking at the screen you will see a bar at the top of the screen if your blocks happen to cross that line for too long it is game over for that round. Match colors, chain colors use score multipliers or use bombs to explode pieces to raise your score but also clear the board. Gameplay will depend on the mode you pick each style will take strategies unique to that game type to raise your score even higher.

Classic mode is your straight forward plain jane mode nothing special gives you a chance to enjoy the game without pressure. Score panic is all about the multipliers and chains do all you can to gain the highest score possible. Playing this game mode will require you to chain together many strings of colors to give a better final score. Color Panic is a frenzy to try to clear the screen of colored blocks unique to this mode though you can have no more than 8 of the same color on the screen at a time. If your colors stack up too quickly it is game over. Lastly users can face off the Time Panic game type just as the name implies it is a race against the clock. Time panic is one of those modes that makes this game hand jitter worthy you want to better your score but want to be aware of the clock.


– Fast paced frenzy gameplay

– Fun soundtrack (Almost 8-bit)

-Leaderboards/achievements/open feint support

-4 unique modes

-Use your own music

My one annoyance with this game was the leaderboards even though they were supposed to be fixed in the most recent patch they still feel broken. Scores will sometimes take forever to load the wait times make you want to quit out of the game completely because your score was worthy of record books. Hopefully with a new update the developer can look into the issues and see if there is more fixing that can pull some of the loose strings together.

Push Panic was fast paced fun that didn’t bore especially with 4 different game modes trying each was essential to the overall experience. My say is that you won’t be disappointed, the dollar price tag should not scare you away as it is well worth it. If you have some extra money in your iTunes account this purchase is sure to please. One great thing too is Push Panic offers quick pick up and play usability.

Push Panic would be a BUY for me

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