Berzerk Ball Review (iPhone)

Ready. Aim. Crush geek with hockey stick.

Game Review: Berzerk Ball
Release: December 19, 2010
Developer: NTT Resonant Inc.
MSRP: $0.99
Rating: 9+
Version: 1.0
Size: 15.6 MB

Berzerk Ball gives you the ability to smash a geek thousands of feet through the air without ramification. Play as one of seven geek smashers, gain experience and level up, buy better weapons, and smash the geek again!

You may initially play as one of four characters. All of them start with some permutation of 1, 2, and 3 stat points in the three categories: Power, Accuracy, and Control. These starting attributes will play a defining role as you level up and accumulate stat points. If you chose Denize, with starting stats of 2, 2, and 2, you may only increase each category to 67% of the maximum. With Etienne, you may maximize power, but only reach 50% of control.

Etienne, an available starting character. Notice the stat constraints.

Your starting character really doesn’t have much effect on gameplay. Regardless of whom you choose, it all plays out the same: Tap once to determine the angle of launch and tap again to determine the power of launch. The geek is smacked and flies through the air, colliding with bees (altitude boost) and money. When the geek bounces, you will notice your character sprinting to keep up. Tap the ground as soon as you see the “Hit!” speech bubble to perform a Power Smash; this will relaunch the geek with renewed velocity.

Denize executing a flawless Power Smash.

When the geek finally comes to rest, you will gain experience points and gold depending on the distance traveled by the geek. Level up, distribute stat points, purchase gear, rinse and repeat. There are also in-game achievements for which you earn diamonds, such as hitting the geek 50,000 feet away. The most powerful weapons and items can only be earned with diamonds, offering an incentive to earn the achievements. When you reach the required amount of diamonds to earn an item, it is automatically given to you. No need to worry about not having enough diamonds to purchase everything!

You may equip one weapon and three items: one head item, one arm item, and one belt piece. This is complicated by the various enhancements the equipment provides: the Plaster offers experience gain while the Slap Bracelet gives a cash boost and speed retention, but you cannot equip them simultaneously. It is difficult to say one item is better than the next, especially since they all cost the same. I would prefer discernible levels in quality, each item more expensive and noticeably better than its predecessor.

Everything is the same price? The RPG player in me is confused.

I could not find a concrete definition of this game type, so I’ll call it a “Homerun” game (the object is to hit or shoot something as far as possible—make sense?). Much like tower defense is a subgenre of strategy, homerun shall be a subgenre of arcade. Berzerk Ball is a great representative of this popular and entertaining genre.

Stay in the robot's sights and he will blow the geek into the stratosphere. That's a good thing.

There is a very easy way to decide on this purchase: An identical version of this game is available for free in flash format. Go to your favorite search engine and type, “Berzerk Ball.” The game is hosted on several flash gaming sites, including Kongregate and Newgrounds. If you like the game enough to have it on your iPhone, buy it for 99 cents.


  • Game Center integration for achievements and highscores
  • Facebook support to share achievements
  • Intuitive tap control system
  • Experience system and upgrades

Maybe it will be a free app one day

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