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In order to tell our readers a little more about our writers and gain some insight into their passion for gaming, I asked the Platform Nation writers to tell us about the best gaming gift they ever received.  I found it interesting that in nearly every case – the gift they chose to tell us about was in some way the catalyst that ignited their passion for gaming – or was a deep personal connection to their own past.

Memories of good times with family and friends; I simply can’t think of anything better for a holiday edition of Stir.


Jose Adrovet | Gui J | Profile |

The best gaming gift I ever got was a SNES with Super Mario World and Actraiser. Growing up in poverty I was just old enough to know that we could not afford it at all. The realization of what my parents had to do to get it for me made it the best gift ever.

Sarah Brannan | FFXPrincess | ProfileTwitter |

I would have to say the best gaming gift that I ever recieved for Christmas was the Super Nintendo my mother got my brother and I (all the other systems I’ve ever gotten I’ve purchased myself). We had so much fun with that and all of the ridiculous games that you could get for it. Biker Mice from Mars and Goof Troop were two of our favorites!

Zac Campbell |

The best gaming gift I probably ever received was an Xbox 360. The year they came out they were hard to get but I put a reservation on one in September, to be given as a gift to me. When Christmas came around I could not wait to get an Xbox 360.  Most of my friends on my Xbox friends list had gotten one and I felt left in the dust because I couldn’t play with them. When Christmas finally came I got Perfect Dark Zero and a second controller for the 360 but no console.  Eventually by mid January my pre-order had come in and it was the greatest thing ever because the wait was killing me, and with all that build up including having a game to play it but no console made the feeling of having one so much greater.

Scott diMonda | WCC5723 | ProfileTwitter |

I have received a lot of great gaming gifts over the years from my Coleco Telstar to my Xbox 360. But one gift that stands out the most is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the PlayStation 2. That game sealed the deal for me as a gamer, I don’t think I have ever played a game as much as I did when it came to Vice City or loved every ounce of a game like that one. I still love to throw the game in once in awhile and just drive around finding something new each and every time I pop it in.

Brian Heitzenrater | FrehleyzComet | ProfileTwitter |

One of the best gaming gifts I ever received was when I got my original NES.  I was only just a wee lad at the time, but I remember it like it happened yesterday.  I was in love with my NES.  I don’t think I came out of my room the rest of the day as I spent it trying to rescue the Princess from the evil clutches of Bowser and also shooting some ducks on the side.  What a great day that was. 🙂

Tym Kaywork | vttym | ProfileTwitter |

Best gaming gift I ever received was the NES.  I had wanted it for years, and can still remember the joy that game system brought, both that day and for years to come.

Justin Keplinger |

The best gaming gift I ever received was during Christmas of 2009. The Nintendo DS had been out for a good few months, but was still a hot holiday item. My parents knew I wanted one, but had made no mention of trying to secure the hand held system. Jump forward to Christmas morning. I was opening my presents and had been pleased with my gifts thus far.  I had just gotten two shirts in a JC Penny box, so when I started to open the second JC Penny box I thought nothing of it, until I removed the sweater and saw underneath a brand new Nintendo DS.  I hit the roof.  It was an awesome surprise.

Stewart Loosemore | Stigweird85 |  ProfileTwitter |

My best gaming gift wasn’t a Christmas present or even a birthday present, I even bought it myself so it wasn’t really a gift at all but I like to think that it was.

My gift was an original 1991 Konami arcade cabinet of the Simpsons game. The story of how I obtained it is a sad one; I purchased the cabinet after my Gran had died. She had left me money in her will, it wasn’t a lot, I couldn’t buy a house or a car but it was more than I had ever had as disposable income in my life. I didn’t know what to do with it. Then one day on a random eBay search I found it.

I have always wanted to own an arcade game, any arcade game and then this opportunity was given to me. I first played this game when I was on a family holiday to Orlando, I lost count of how many quarters that I pumped into that machine trying to complete it but it was a happy time and to this day thinking about it warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. Now thanks to my Gran I can relive these memories whenever I want and each time I play, not only do I remember my family holidays but I remember my Gran and that is a wonderful gift.

Mark Withers | PN Markwithers | ProfileTwitter |

For me it was Quake 2 on the PC. Yes I know its not a fancy peripheral or collectors edition but the reason this one sticks in my mind was the fact that I’d never played Quake and knew nothing about Quake 2. I did play video games but didn’t really know much outside of the big titles like Mario, Zelda, Street Fighter 2. My brother knew less, so when I opened my present from him I was really puzzled why he got me Quake 2. He replied by pointing to the front of the box where it stated “the best game ever!”. He said he didn’t think he could go wrong with taking that advice. The weeks that followed where I played through the game blew me away, I loved the whole experience and spoke about to anyone that would listen. Looking at Quake 2 running today really does not make it look good, the graphics are dated, the controls limited and the sound was not the best either, but Quake 2 will always hold a fond pace in my heart and that’s why its the best gaming gift I’ve received.


Chris Forbis | MensaDad| ProfileTwitter |

At a fairly young age I took an interest in computers.  This was before PCs were a common household item.  I’m talking early eighties – age of the Ti-99 and the first Apple computer.  I taught myself BASIC programming via books and time spent standing in front of the display models of the Color Computer at Radio Shack.  As I got more and more serious about PCs, my parents managed to get me a Tandy 1000.  This was a PC clone but it had DOS and could run BASIC – and could run games.  While this wasn’t the birth of my video game obsession, it brought it home.  I purchased the Sierra games as often as I could – specifically the Space Quest series – and spent hours upon hours playing those games.  That computer changed the course of my life.  I later became a programmer – went on to have my own computer networking company – and now – I write about gaming.  All of it traces back to that one gift.  Thanks mom and dad!

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I pick a topic and ask the Platform Nation writers, editors and staff to send me their opinions.  Thanks go out to all the Platform Nation writers who contributed to Stir this week.  They are all part of the best writing team in the industry and I couldn’t do this without them.

Now, drop down into the comment box below and let us know what YOUR best gaming present was and why it was so special to you.

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