The Last Story Is Completed

The director of The Last Story, Hironobu Sakaguchi, tweeted that Last Story is completed. The Last Story is a RPG for the Wii that is produced by the creator of Final Fantasy. The soundtrack of the game is produced by Nobuo Uematsu who is known for composing music for Final Fantasy. The release date of The Last Story is January 27 in Japan. Last Story looks like a promising RPG for fans of the genre.

The story theme of Last Story revolves around the idea of universal emotions. I am interested to see how the main theme plays out during the story mode. The story mode seems to have a good amount of game time not including the replay value. Hironobu tweeted that on a first  play-through it should estimate about 30 hours of play time. It will no doubt change if players decide to revisit areas for specific reasons. There will be replay value for offline depending if you want to play offline multiple times.

A picture of the main town for the story mode.

It also includes online play in addition to offline play. The online mode runs from your save game. So, how much you play offline matters if you want a strong online character. The online will allow you to fight randomly or with friends on your friend list. The two known online modes are team boss fights and fights against other players.

A screenshot of an online battle.

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