Deadly Deja Vu

It has been almost eight months since I posted my review of Deadly Premonition — In case you missed out, it wasn’t very positive. Now, with only a few days left until the new year, I find myself with an almost overwhelming urge to return to that bizarre, albeit janky, world.

Deadly Premonition screenshotAgain, if you go back and read my review, you’ll see I was battling with myself over how I felt about Deadly Premonition. Ultimately, I gave it a negative review, but there were still things that drew me in…things that continue to draw me in, apparently.

And so I find myself, once again, at a crossroads: if that game was so bad, why do I feel the need to go back and play more? This year has brought games that I downright love — Mass Effect 2, for instance — and yet I have felt no compulsion to return to that universe.

So I ask you, the readers: have you ever been inexplicably drawn back to something — a game, a movie, etc.? Because I find this all very interesting.

I still stand by my review — Deadly Premonition is not a good game — but despite that, it still has that certain something…

To anyone on my friends list, don’t be surprised if you see good ol’ Deadly Premonition back in my disc drive in the next couple of days. I think it’s high time for a trip back.

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