Frag FX Shark (PS3 Product Review)

Ever felt like your PS3 controller was lacking the precision you found on your PC shooters? Just want an innovative way to climb to the top of the FPS leader boards? Look no further then the Frag FX Shark a new product meant to replace that (soon to be primitive) controller. It is no secret that many people find the overall experience on first person shooters to be lacking any kind of enjoyment with controllers.

Splitfish, a company looking to innovate in ways never imagined, wants to change your view on console gaming. Gaming on the PC has always had an edge for first person shooters because of the precision a mouse offers, they feel more realistic when adding in the natural shake of a human hand plus true 1 on 1 movement between on screen character and user.


Splitfish did not go extravagant on packaging, you get a straight forward simple clean package that displays the product nicely. Information blurbs are dispersed on certain areas to let you in on what the product does. Included are the actual mouse, the controller analog piece, wireless dongle, and a great mouse pad (which was found to be a life saver). Nothing over the top but the way the product is displayed will grab your attention.

Install/setup is simple with the Frag FX Shark because there is not a CD or any annoying program menus to wade your way through. Set up is as simple as plugging in the included wireless reciever to either your PS3, PC or MAC, putting in 2 AA batteries (one in the mouse, one in the analog controller) then getting ready to game. You also have the option to remap buttons if you so choose though most games set ups work with the default mapping.

Usability depends on your skill level with a mouse, but as your main controller it does take some getting used to. Once you finally get the hang of it you will be picking off people with headshots in no time. Learning curve for the Frag FX is very low so most anyone that has used a mouse on a computer should feel comfortable picking this up to game with. One issue you may run into, which is easy to overcome, is using both hands seperate from each other; one to control the mouse and the other for the actual controller.

Build quality does have a very plastic like feel when first pulling the controller out of the package. Very light in the hands so it wont weigh you down or hurt your hands after extended game play sessions. Buttons are also very smooth so pressing them won’t take much force. First day I owned it I did drop it onto a hard surface though it did survive it (would not recommend testing yourself). Not recommend around small children unless supervised as battery covers can pop off, you may also find a broken joystick if they happen to drop it.

Price point is a little high for some people but Split Fish does offer other options. If interested be sure to check out Split Fish, they have some great products to offer. One thing that would make the Frag Fx controllers more desirable would be the inclusion of blue tooth and Lithium Ion batteries.

If you are a true gamer you will find yourself enjoying the Frag FX Shark as time passes and you become accustomed to it. Don’t be surprised if you happen to use this more then your main controller as it is fun and simple to use.

Not convinced see what this Pro Gamer says:

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