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Happy Xmas (War is over)

Guitar: The main part of the guitar is a simple two note steady repeat of the same note and then a transition. The song then becomes more spread out and into one note at a time. Both of these parts are very easy. The hardest part is at the end when the song has a double strum part but not for very long. The song isn’t great to play on guitar but it isn’t too bad, especially with the obvious lack of a strong guitar by hearing the audio.

Bass: The bass is very typical; it is very slow and only one note hits. The song doesn’t have many notes and a good amount is long notes. The bass is very boring and not really something you would want to play on this song.

Pro Keys: The pro keys are incredibly difficult if you are not fantastic at them on expert. There are many triple notes with black and white notes, and the notes seem to go from one side of the keyboard to the next constantly. The keys also change position from the orange end to the red throughout the song. The song also has a few key scales in it that make it fun to play. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a challenge on keyboard.

Drums: The song is spread out in some places for drums where there are hardly any notes but there are other parts where you may have to use both sticks on the drums. The song doesn’t use the normal red and yellow note formula; instead it uses blue as the main note and has some red with it. The song is fun to play, doesn’t offer much of a challenge but it is a change from most other drum songs.

Jerk It Out

Guitar: The song is mostly two notes that are decently separated and then the two notes turns into one note for awhile, then it goes back to two notes and then this is repeated. In this part of the song there is no real challenge. The only slight challenge is the guitar solo. The guitar solo consists of mostly one note hits, but has a somewhat challenging hammer-on part that can mess you up occasionally. This song is mostly easy.

Bass: The bass has enough that it might keep you interested. The song consists of all one notes and some notes that are held. The bass part never really changes throughout the song this can make it feel very repetitive and not fun to play.

Pro Keys: The pro keys are a challenge. The song has many double notes but not that many triple notes. The song does take advantage of the black notes often. This is a good song for someone trying to learn how to play pro keys. The song has hard parts but many of them are repeated allowing for the person to warm up to the keys and figure out the best way to transition from note to note. The song also has many scales in it including one part that has a scale going from right to left then left to right and back to right to left back to back. Anyone trying to learn pro keys on expert should try this song out.

Drums: The drums are not a huge challenge they mostly utilize the red and yellow notes and there are many parts where you need to quickly go from red to yellow back to red. The drums can be fun to play but nothing really stands out.

Overall: Happy X-mas is personally my favorite of the two songs in sound. For the most part it doesn’t have as many good instrument parts as Jerk It Out. If you are into keys then either song should be fine but I’m not sure I would recommend it for any other instrument unless you like the song. Jerk It Out has enough that you would probably easily enjoy it if you are not a huge fan of the song but for the most part the song won’t stand out from the rest of your music library.

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