Best Of The Bad Bunch: Awards Part II

This week it falls upon me to reveal the Ultimate 2010 Villain of The Year, to some of the faithful among you this choice will seem no surprise, others will be bemused and some will probably call me names for this choice but much deliberation has gone into making it. The nominees were a varied bunch and came from films, comics and games far and wide, they were as follows:

Dr. Fetus – Super Meat Boy

Lex Luthor – Smallville

Abstergo Industries – Assassin’s Creed

Tom Reed – Splinter Cell Conviction

Sofia Lamb – BioShock

You see the difficulty in my choice, there is a wide range of means and motives here and the characters themselves are easily deplorable in their actions but yet a choice has to be made and so it has been.

And the winner is…

DR. FETUS – Super Meat Boy

Okay so he may not be everyone’s first choice from that list and most definitely isn’t the cleverest out of the bunch but I am sucker for simplicity. Dr. Fetus is the only villain on the list whose actions are pure, his villainy is for no one else to gain from but him. This may not seem obvious but the others on my shortlist all worked for the Greater Good , I gave it capitals as it is a phrase that is used far too often by the typical bad guy. Abstergo wish to create a utopian society free from war and social Ills, the same for Sofia Lamb who wished to bring enlightenment upon the surface dwelling world, Lex Luthor often has a heart and put emotion and his ties to friends and family before his own needs and Tom Reed is nothing more than a mere puppet who knows his place in the food chain.

Compared to these characters Dr. Fetus is special. He only wishes for Meat Boy to be unhappy, he kidnaps Bandage Girl and constantly allows for Meat Boy to come within touching distance of her only to snatch her away again. He knows Meat Boy will follow so he places her in locations that force Meat Boy to kill himself over and over again just to try to reach her and all the while. He succeeds in making Meat Boy sad time and time again and is more than willing to kick him while he is down or kick him off the top of a building. There is no complicated motive here and that is refreshing, gaming is running out of villains who are mean just because they can be and are replacing them with the movie villain who has a story and a slight hope for redemption but Team Meat remedied that for me even for a short while.

Thank you Team Meat and for that I am happy to award Dr. Fetus the Ultimate 2010 Villain of The Year Award.

That wraps up the last BOTBB for this year and I hope you all had a good Christmas, thank you for joining me and I hope to see you again in the New Year.

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