Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC

Earlier this year, I posted an article about DLC for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

This is a polite reminder that time is almost up, after December 31st the DLC will be gone and will NOT be coming back.

For 800 Microsoft points($9.99 on PSN) you can get 5 additional playable characters: Carnage, Magneto, Psylocke, Cable, and Black Panther. You’ll also get 4 simulator missions

For just 160 Microsoft points($1.99 on PSN), you can also buy the former pre-order exclusive the unstoppable Juggernaut!

There is a teaser pack that available that allows you to play online with those who have bought the DLC but this will also be removed on Friday.

Don’t wait, this is your last chance  to grab this DLC and get those last achievements and trophies.

Source: One of Swords

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  • Where is it?? I picked this up on ps3 today and there isn’t a single listing for MUA2 dlc anywhere on psn.

  • The DLC has been removed since the 21st, someone decided to remove it earlier than what was promised.

  • Yes, it’s true someone at Sony decided to pull the plug on the DLC on the PSN before the expiry date. Not one of their brightest moves taking away DLC before Christmas but it seems that it was their decision and not Activisions. I’m sorry for the false hope, I should have checked the PSN store before uploading the article but unfortunately you cannot access the PSN store online without downloading additional software which I was not able to do at the time of posting.

    Dan Amrich aka oneofswords posted the following on his blog

    UPDATE 12/28: Sony has removed the DLC from the US PlayStation Store a few days ahead of the date. (I don’t know why — that is a question for Sony, as it’s their store and the expiration date has not yet arrived.) Hope you got it. DLC for Xbox 360 is still available but, you know, if you want it, I would not put it off.