Raskulls Review (XBLA)

Game Review: Raskulls
Release: 12/29/2010
Genre: Platformer
Developer: Halfbrick
Available Platforms: Xbox 360
Players: 1 Quest Mode 1-4 Split-screen, Xbox Live
MSRP: 800 Microsoft Points
ESRB Rating: E 10+

In Raskulls you are introduced to the vibrant and beautiful world of the Raskulls. The game is the story of a community of Raskulls (skull headed people) who are in a battle with pirate rats for the skull gems. In order to retrieve the skulls you will play as three different characters that face many challenges to make their way to the gems. Along the way you will run into some of the pirate rats as well as other Raskulls who will help or race you.

The world of the Raskulls is filled with blocks that the Raskulls can destroy with their wands. The blocks are colored and when you drop a block onto the same colored block they will combine allowing you to destroy the entire block with one use of the wand. Through the game you are given many different challenges that come with getting through the blocks. The main one is racing. In a race you will have 1-3 competitors and have to make your way to the end by utilizing the many power-ups and abilities in the game. The main ability of the Raskulls is to gain orbs that are in jars and come out of certain areas like destroyed boxes. When these orbs are activated you are given a significant boost in speed. The Raskulls also have power-ups that come in presents scattered around the level. The power-ups you get from the presents are usually random.

Raskulls has many different modes and challenges that you discover overtime. Most of these modes revolve around the blocks. There are some challenges where a block can’t fall on you, there is one where you are given a time limit and there is one where you can’t be burnt. There are several great modes as well including one where you are given a limited amount of usage with the wand and have to drop items by using the zaps to get destroy the blocks holding them up. There are some that are time trials, where every time you hit a checkpoint you are given more time on the clock. Probably my personal favorite is using the blocks to make shapes that you are told to create, and often times you have to create a shape that has the same color as what the game requests. This mode is very interesting and mentally engaging.

Raskulls is a very original game and very well done. The game offers a decently long mega quest mode and when you finish with that the game has some great racing multiplayer all this definitely gives you a lot for what you paid for. Raskulls not only has great gameplay and descent length but the visuals are vivid and great. The visuals greatly lend a hand to the kid friendly vibe. The game might be kid friendly but it also is great for anyone else. The game offers a strong challenge for almost any gamer. Some levels need speed, some need brains and others need patience, but all challenges are fun and creative.

Raskulls doesn’t show much room for improvement, the developers have created something new and at the same time seem to have mastered it. The game isn’t like many others so it is hard to say what should be improved on because nothing is quite like it. The only thing I could think of would be more multiplayer options, the game has many great single player modes but only has racing online. I can see how it would be difficult to do the other game modes in a multiplayer match but the creators could have come up with more modes capable of being played online, hopefully we will see something like that as DLC. Another thing the game could have had and maybe will in a sequel is the ability to create your own levels. That would definitely complete the experience.

Final Say: The price point for this game is what really makes me highly recommend this game. With all of these features and how long the story mode is I would think that you would easily charge $15 for this game but the game is only $10 making it a great deal for anyone looking for a game that’s worth exceeds its price point. Kids will have a fun time playing this and so will adults. You can’t go wrong with buying this game if you like 2D platformers.

  • -Looks great
  • -Plays great
  • -Original
  • -Cheap price

8 out of 10

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