Canabalt Goes Open Source

I’m sure you’ve all played Canabalt by now. I mean, it’s available in so many ways, be it from the App Store as a standalone product or online as a Flash game or via the Google Chrome Web Store (which really just provides a direct link to the Flash version of Canabalt, but whatever). Needless to say, it is a popular game.

And now, according to a blog post on Canabalt developer Semi Secret’s website, not only have they helped contribute over $25,000 to Child’s Play as part of the Indie iPhone Holiday Sale, but they have also decided to open source Canabalt in its entirety. This includes the game engine, the game code, art assets, and the music, though only the game engine is licensed under the MIT license.

I’m no iPhone developer, but I am a Flash developer (and a software developer in general), and I’ve got to say, there’s some interesting stuff. I’ve heard of Flixel but never used it, but seeing how Adam and Eric went about porting it to the iPhone is really interesting. I suggest you check it out if you have any interest in programming or game development. If you don’t, however, then I suggest you go buy Canabalt from the App Store and support Child’s Play.

Source from Semi Secret via Joystiq.

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