Dice Ball Review(iPod Touch)

Game Review: Dice Ball
Release: Dec 15, 2010
Developer: 3D Construct
MSRP: $0.99
Rating: Any
Version: 1.2
Size: 15.4 MB
Website: Dice Ball

Dice Ball puts a whole new spin on dice games not like any other dice game you have played. Nothing puzzling or over the top just straight forward fun as you guide a ball to green dice to score points.

Dice Ball puts you in control of a small metal ball that you try to guide to green colored dice by tilting your device. Score points as your ball hits the green dice but careful because the red colored dice will take points away. Using the tilt motion your goal is to carefully guide the ball towards the green dice wherever they may be on the screen, they do change spots often.

Blue dice dispersed throughout each level act as blockers trying to slow you from reaching the green dice. Orange dice are marked with either a plus or minus sign, plus pulling you closer while minus pushes you farther away. Levels later on do give you a little more of a challenge but not much every single dice on the board is red except one. Navigating through becomes a bit more complicated.

Features include:

  • intuitive game play
  • original game play experience
  • accelerometer based tilt control
  • progressively increasing difficulty
  • fully 3D graphics
  • physics
  • unlimited high-score chasing
  • changeable backgrounds
  • classic, Xmas and colorblind theme
  • auto save and resume

It would be nice to see more to do game play wise as the game is very limited on modes or actual things to do. Dice Ball gets very repetitive even as the levels get higher it did not take much to continue on to the next level. Music does not excite or add any value to the game which I would have loved something to make me feel like I was having fun. Overall the game could use an overhaul in many areas that could improve the overall game.

Dice Ball was fun when trying it for the first time but did get boring pretty quick. Not much going for the game other then a time filler for when you have nothing better to do. Would have been much better if there was more to do. Hopefully in an update the developer will come up with something more for players to do.

Fun in short Burst

Won’t hold you over long

Should be a Free App 

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