Get Limbo For Less: Today Only

It’s pretty obvious that Limbo is the biggest XBLA hit this year. The Indie game has smashed records and won many Game of the Year awards. It’s amazing and peculiar art style, the ominous surroundings and the story of a small boy who finds himself waking up in a dark forest surrounded by giant spiders and creepy ch…… You know what.

Limbo is 800 Microsoft Points today only. You are getting Limbo for 400 points less than you would if you bought it full price. 33% less cost and still 102% awesome.

If you own an Xbox 360, have Xbox Live and can acquire 800 measly Microsoft Points then load up your console and press Buy Full Game right now. I don’t need to convince you to download this because even looking at one video of the game you would be instantly fascinated and interested in playing this great game. I loved Limbo and it is one of my personal Top 10 Overall Games of the Year. And trust me, 20 minutes in, it would be yours too.

Oh and Yoda’s Green Light Saber is also 50% cheaper today, but nobody wants that…. right?

Come on, download Limbo already!

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