NaturalMotion’s Game Physics

Now I’ll admit, this video does play out a bit like a 7-minute commercial for NaturalMotion‘s technology and its game Backbreaker, but it’s also interesting enough to me that I think some of you out there would enjoy watching this, too.

A fellow by the name of Dave Thomas went and met some of the dudes who work at NaturalMotion so they could explain how physics affects games and how knowing advanced math and physics could help you in game development. There are some neat animations that go along with the video that exemplify how important a solid physics engine is to a video game and some of the things that they say provide some great insight on game development theory (if you can build a house, you can build a city).

Anyways, check it out if you want to learn some more about the technology that powers some of your favorite games (such as GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption).

Source from Joystiq.

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