Ultimate Spider-Man to Rival Batman:TAS

You might have been aware that there was an Ultimate Spider-Man animated series in the works for Disney XD (due out next year), but you probably didn’t know that the man behind the classic Batman: The Animated Series from the 90s was going to be the show-runner.  In an interview with Newsarama, Paul Dini had this to say about the upcoming series:

Coming up with a look for the Spider-Man show, I think it’s really going to take people by surprise. It’s going to take people by surprise as much as the Batman show in the early ‘90s took comic fans by surprise. And yet at the same time it feels very right and it looks very right.

That’s huge news, especially for those of us who were blown away in 1992 by Paul Dini’s work.  It’s great to see some animated synergy coming out of the Disney/Marvel juggernaut, and it sounds like this has the makings of a show worthy to stand alongside the current Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes series, also on Disney XD.

Source: Newsarama

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  • maybe it’s my old school DC > Marvel fanboyism. Maybe it’s the fact that this is like the second or third /recent/ spiderman series on top of the (quite frankly enjoyable) older spider man series. But I’m not holding my breath. Quite frankly the Spider-Man story has been told to death IMO. Between the recent toons and the Live Action Trilogy and the reboot next year I’m surprised the general public isn’t burned out on it.

    I’m trying to figure out why I feel Batman is fresh where Spider-Man is old but I’m not sure why. Batman TAS vs The Batman vs Batman BatB all feel very different. Ya have the Spider-Man TAS from the 90s. Then I think I remember a Spider-Man 2099 series which was pretty different. But the recent spider-man series (i’ve only seen a few episodes) looked like the same old stuff. And this new series being Ultimate doesn’t feel like much of a difference to me.

    But hey I’ve been wrong before. I won’t close my eyes to the show if I hear good things. Dexter turned out to be an interesting series. DefJam Rapstar turned out to be awesome instead of sucktastic.

    • FWIW, “The Spectacular Spider-Man” was really excellent – much better than the ’90s animated series. The guy in charge was Greg Weisman, who is best known for the beloved animated series “Gargoyles.” And Spidey was voiced by a genuine Spider-Fan named Josh Keaton, who subsequently did one of the Spidey voices on “Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.” The show was really, really great – the problem was that it was by Sony and on Kids WB. Disney got the animated Spidey rights back from Sony and Kids WB ceased to exist. It would’ve been great if Disney would have continued the series, but, for whatever reason, they didn’t.

      I highly recommend the series. Some of it is on Netflix Instant, if you have a subscription.

  • D Demitrius Smith (DDSmitty)

    I hear you as far as being burned out on the same properties that seem to keep getting series after series (but in my case, I feel the same way about Batman — he’s been used to death). That’s why I think I like the current Avengers and Young Justice toons — they’re fresh, and they use characters we haven’t seen a lot of on the small screen. That said, I have a lot of faith in Dini, as his vision has not failed to entertain me yet.