Unlock Xbox Challenge Winner Announced

Earlier this year, Doritos and Microsoft teamed up to reveal the Unlock Xbox Challenge where contestants would pitch game ideas to both the Internet at large as well as some higher-ups at Microsoft until the final two entries would be fleshed out into actual games and unleashed upon Xbox LIVE.

The final two surviving ideas-turned-game were Crash Course from Jill Robertson of Raleigh, North Carolina, and Harms Way from Justin Carpenter of Ogden, Utah, and if you haven’t played either of them despite owning an Xbox 360, then you are a fool. Both are exceptional games considering their price tags and origins (not to bash on either Robertson or Carpenter as game designers) and, surprisingly enough, contain very little promotional Doritos material.

Anyways, the winner was unveiled via a press release from Frito-Lay: Jill Robertson and Doritos Crash Course! She won a six-month gig at Doritos as a game consultant and $50,000, though as a generous/unexpected twist, Carpenter would also be receiving a $50,000 cash prize for his efforts as well.

Congratulations to them both. Play their games, and hope more fantastic free games keep finding their way into our arms.

Source from Frito-Lay via Joystiq.

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