• ehemm. you just suck with the starting loadouts. If you’re actually good, (like meh) you realize that the HK21, MP5k, and the hard-to-use but when you get the hang of it, two guns, M16 and Olympia (for me, the dragonuv isn’t that great). The starting loadouts are great, but you are ruining a factual post but stating your opinion, your very wrong opinion. Yeah, that’s right, I said that your opinion was wrong. It’s not overrated, it just seems like that when ” u mad” because everyone is pwning you and you go .24 at the end of the match. Go get a life. We want facts only “most pirated game 2010” and not your opinion. Have a nice day.

    • Dan

      It is so overrated! Are you kidding me? TreyArch needs to not steal ideas from Bungie and leave the COD games to an amazing company called Infinity Ward. Dont get mad at the author my god woman, it’s his opinion and you should respect that and not say you dont care. You shared you opinion, he told his, and I’m sharing mine. I’m also saying calm yourself down kid and your wrong about everything you previously stated.

    • no he is right…its over rated over priced and lags like ass.the reload time is a joke and the aiming is worse. Oh and I range from 2.0 to 14.0 per match. I would take lost planet over this tub of shit black ops is now a coaster its the best use I could find for it.So go back to gay low nooooob The game just isnt that good.

  • Dan

    Modern Warfare 2 is by far 10x better than Black Ops. TreyArch failed miserably with World At War and Black Ops. Black Ops completely stole the concept of Halo: Reach. I mean especially the customization aspect of each game. Infinity Ward… I miss you so much! Please make another Modern Warfare! Or at least have more people play MW2 again, but TreyArch, your story lines are not original, captivating, and your graphics are terrible. Stop Making Games…
    Thank-You and have a nice day.

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