Dead Space 2 Has Unlockable Dead Space Plasma Cutter

In Dead Space 2 you will get the lucky privilege of using the original Plasma Cutter from Dead Space 1. But to get this unlocked you have to have a Dead Space 1 save. If you are planning on getting Dead Space 2 at launch then there’s no reason why you won’t have played Dead Space 1. Keeping in mind that you only need to have a save file, whether you have completed the game or not.

I bought Dead Space 1 thinking that it was just another average space shooter, but I was so wrong. I would say it’s one of the scariest consoles games I have ever played. You can’t go around a corner without a space monster alien thing jumping out of a vent and trying to chew your face off. And the atmosphere of the quiet spaceship really beefed up the scary factor. Extremely excited about sitting down in the dark, loading up Dead Space 2, and jumping out of my seat as I play.

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