Tales Of A Wasteland Wanderer – Part 2

This is the continuing story of my adventures in the world of Fallout 3. As you may already know, Fallout 3 is a seemingly ever changing world, one can do the exact same thing but never have the same experience twice. These are the stories of a wasteland wanderer.

It had been three days since the skirmish at Fort Bannister and I was heading North. For the record, it wasn’t really a skirmish, It was more of a full-blown s**t storm. In my defence I hadn’t been the one to start the aggression, but I sure did finish it. I had been given a map of the local area after I had settled a dispute between the people of Arefu and the local tribe of self-proclaimed Vampires. See, the good people of Arefu were taking issue with the Vampires attacking and feeding on both the livestock, as well as the people of the town. I did manage to negotiate a treaty between the people of Arefu and The Family, (the Vampire tribe). The final agreement being that the town of Arefu would donate blood, and The Family will in return protect the town. The gift I had been given in return was the map of the surrounding area, including marked points of interest, the closest being something marked as “Fort Bannister.”

I was unaware of what I might find when I went looking for the Fort so I went prepared. I found out, rather quickly, that I wasn’t anywhere near prepared enough. The Fort was inhabited by a group known as “Talon,” an ill-favored mercenary company. As I approached, may it be noted, with my weapons holstered, I was immediately fired upon. These were the first shots in what turned out to be a two day long firefight that took me deep into the underground hideout of the Talon company. I found out that the leader of these rather unsavoury individuals was a man named Commander Jabsco. I decided to go out of my way to personally thank this man for his hospitality. Our meeting went well enough. I thanked Jabsco for his time and politely took my leave, as well as his now bullet-riddled metal plate armor and helmet.

I left Fort Bannister and decided to head North, hoping to find some supplies and shelter. I wandered off course during the night hours and found myself at bombed-out church. Still looking for supplies, I wondered towards this house of worship and was greeted not by the lord, but by a man with a high powered rifle and the will to use it. Figuring negotiation was out of the question at this point, I returned fire. My Hunting Rifle was all out of ammunition and I was forced to fight using a low power pistol. My enemy was in the second story of the destroyed church, though how he even managed to get up to his perch I will never understand. There seemed to be no way to get onto what remained of the second floor, leaving me with little option but to trade fire in open ground. This man was no slouch when it came to shooting and before I was able to land a single shot I was hit twice in the chest. I quickly retreated to the side of the building and used my last stimpak. I knew I had no choice but to kill this man, any attempt to escape would just put me back in his sights and I wouldn’t survive another hit. I crept along the wall, hoping to stay invisible for just long enough. I had two fragmentation grenades left over from my fight at the Fort, and if I was lucky I might be able to land one on the very edge of the second story and force him down and into close range. I pulled both pins and threw one right after the other. One missed, sailing past and beyond the church. The second however clipped the upper corner of what remained of the steeple and landed right beside my antagonist. The explosion threw him from the second story and unto the ground. I do not know if the man was dead the moment the grenade went off, or if he had survived the explosion only to be killed by the fall. Either way, he wouldn’t be getting back up. When I checked the man’s belongings for any hint of who he might have been, I found a small holotape. The only information the tape contained was the coordinates for a place known as “Oasis.”

Perhaps this man had been looking for this Oasis and took shelter here. If this place actually existed it would be quite a find. The word Oasis was used to describe a spring in the dessert, a place of vegetation and life. It was most likely a codeword, a name for some hideout. Still, I couldn’t shake a desire to follow these coordinates, after all, who knew what I might find. What if it really was a clean spring with fresh water? I wouldn’t know unless I checked it out. I marked the location on my map and went about checking what remained of the church. It turns out this place of worship was once known as Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel. A strange name for a chapel. I managed to find several ammunition boxes, as well as the rifle of the man I had just killed. It was a little banged up from the explosion and the fall, but it would do. I was able to dig up two stimpaks which, ironically, had been hidden just a few feet from me the whole time. I used both stimpaks and loaded what little ammunition I had left into my weapons. It was a long to the location of this Oasis, but the day was young and the sun was just climbing into the sky. Hopefully I would be able to locate this place before dark. You didn’t want to be out after dark unless absolutely necessary. Things always got worse after dark in the wasteland.

I quickly checked my belongings, hitched up my pack and then started off into the sunrise.

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