The Great Backlog Clearification of 2011

I’m afraid this isn’t going to be a very interesting post.

I say this because I’ve made this declaration before…. or, well, a version of it, anyway.  It’s no secret to anyone that I have a bit of a backlog problem.  Everyone has flaws, okay?  I’ve even tried, on this very site, methods of spurring myself to get a handle on things, but it generally seems to fall apart after a while.  In the interest of driving down that very scary number, then, and in the spirit of the New Year that is upon us, I’m going to try something a little different, and I invite any and all closet backloggers out there to play along with me.

I like lists.  So, my gaming “resolution” for this year is very simple: I’m going to make a list here of all the games I complete (start to finish) in 2011.  As a loose goal, I’d like to have completed an average of a game a week over this year: 52 games.  This sounds pretty reasonable to me.  The rules are as follows:

1. You don’t talk about Fight Club.  Wait…. wrong list.

1! All games on the list must be played, as mentioned above, beginning to end this year.  Games that I started in 2010 and finish in 2011 don’t count (although this only excludes Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light), nor do any games which I may start in 2011 and not finish until 2012.  Games that I give up on are likewise excluded.

2. Games that I have played before do not count, unless it’s a remake/upgrade.  Persona 3 Portable is okay; Final Fantasy 8 on PSN for the billionth time is not.

3. 100% completion isn’t necessary, just the main storyline.  Extra time spent on a game is… well, extra.

4. Downloadable games count, as long as they are full games and not added content onto a pre-existing game.  I’m not saying I *won’t* play this stuff, just that it doesn’t count on the list.

Pretty simple, right?  The list will start here as soon as I finish my first game.  Happy 2011!

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