A Personal Best Of The Year List, 2010, Part 2

5- ┬áPac Man CE DX: I knew I was in the second I found out it was in development, but I didn’t know just HOW IN I’d be with DX. This is a game that will put you in a trance. Hours will pass. Your thumb will move on it’s own. Pac Man CE DX is less just another game, and more an experience. Namco throw it down once again, and show how to bring older titles into the modern age.
4- Deadly Premonition: I don’t think I had more fun with a game this year. I know it’s bad. It’s bad on just about every level. I’m not going to sit here and try to argue it was built that way on purpose. Instead, I’ll simply tell you that it made me smile. Every second spent with Deadly Premonition brought me back to the days of Resident Evil 1, and Ill Bleed. Days when I didn’t care about plot, gameplay, and controls. I just wanted to see what over-the-top, stupid crap would happen next.
3- Alan Wake: I had to know what happened next. Every step of the way, I had to know. Yes, it’s true that five years in development should have resulted in a better game than Alan Wake was, but in the end I don’t really care. I love Alan Wake, and the thought of never getting to read “Return” seriously bums me out. I hope Remedy get the opportunity to give us more.
2- Mass Effect 2: When I was young, all I wanted was a sci-fi rpg. As I grew, and games grew with me, I felt I would never get that. Mass Effect 2, a hundred times more so than the original, is that game I wanted all those years ago. From the universe, to the story, to the characters you grow closer and closer to with each mission, Mass Effect 2 is all that I love about both gaming and science fiction.
1- Red Dead Redemption: It’s hard to write about RDR without sounding like a sappy shmuck. Needless to say, it’s a game that means a lot to me. John is maybe the first character in a game that I’ve cared about. I wanted him to get back to his family, and when everything played out the way you knew it had to, I was speechless. RDR is a fully-realized story, from the moment you get off the train til the credits roll. It’s for all those reasons that this is hands-down my game of the year.

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