Gears Of War Ultimate Edition Confirmed

In the last week rumours have appeared suggesting that an Ultimate version of Gears Of War will be released this year.  The pack would include both Gears Of War games as well as every piece of DLC, which would not be a surprise to anyone.  For a while yesterday Gamestop even had the boxset listed for $29.99 with a release date of February 15, but it has now been pulled from the Gamestop website.  Microsoft however confirmed to IGN that the Ultimate boxset is in the works.

“We can confirm a forthcoming bundle SKU involving the Gears franchise, though this may not be the final SKU name,” a representative said. “There are no specifics available at this time, except to say it will not involve Gears of War 3 or the beta.”

So to get your hands on the Gears of War 3 beta you’ll need to pickup the EPIC version of BulletStorm.  Also included in these rumours was the suggestion that some level of Kinect support would be included.

Although it appears that the Kinect support has been denied by Microsoft, there may be some truth in the rumour as there is usally no smoke without fire and many people believe that the last minute retraction of the Gears announcement at the Spike VGA awards was Kinect related.  In an email to a Microsoft source made the following comment:

“Microsoft will release a Gears of War bundle this spring. It will be a collection of the first two Gears of War games and a token to download all previously released Gears of War 2 add-ons via Xbox LIVE. It will not include any new or additional features, such as Kinect support.”

If you were one of the people who had purchased the collectors editions of both the Gears Of War games, it goes without saying that you may be annoyed if new stuff was included in this ultimate edition but would you care if that extra stuff was simply Kinect support?

What do you the rest of you think?  Would having Kinect support included in a Gears Of War game increase your level of interest in Kinect?

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