Money For Old Rope

Or in other words is it worth trying to sell your old games?

I have to admit my game collection (for the PS3 at least) is rather meager.  Killzone 2, Elder Scrolls IV, Race Driver GRID and GTA IV is all I own.  I am lucky enough to be a PlayStation Plus member which means I do normally get access to a demo or beta for most of the up coming big titles such as Killzone 3, NFS Hot Pursuit, Little Big Planet 2 and Vanquish to name but a few.  But I rarely have the cash lying around to indulge in buying every new game I want.

Is your game collection worth this much?

So the other option I have is to trade my old games in and buy second hand.  Which brings me to my current plan.  I’m trying to sell Killzone 2, Elder Scrolls IV and Race Driver GRID with the intention of acquiring Battlefield Bad Company 2.  I can get Bad Company 2 for £13 second hand or maybe even less with some snooping around ebay.  So I’m happy with the cost of the game I want.

I am though a lot less happy with what it appears I’ll be getting in return for my current games.  I don’t own a copy of Kizuna Encounter (a Neo Geo game from way back when of which only 12 copies were produced and can currently command a price upwards of $10,000) and therefore it seems my collection is virtually worthless.  My other half kindly took my small collection down to our local Blockbuster for me with a view to getting everything done in one easy go.  Except Blockbuster wouldn’t take my copy of Elder Scrolls IV as it a US version.  But the best bit was in exchange for Killzone 2 and Race Driver GRID they offered her a grand total of £3.34!  Three pounds and thirty four pence.  What a joke.  There is some salvation though.  They’re all currently on ebay for £3 each so I should get close to what I need for Bad Company 2.  There are other options such as high street chains who specialise in games trading who recognise that even if a title is old it still have some value.

Or is your collection, like mine, worth pennies?

So back to the question I posed at the beginning of this article – is it worth the hassle?  To be honest it isn’t most of the time in my humble opinion.  Whilst trading in a chart title might net you £20-25 you’re still losing a lot.  And for older titles you really do get a pittance in return.  But on the other hand if you have a shelf full of titles you know you’re never going to play again then why not get a few pounds/dollars for them?

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