Child’s Play Charity Breaks Annual Record Raising Over $2 Million

Child’s Play Charity has broken it’s annual record in 2010. Gamers all over the world have raised $2,294,317 million for the charity making the lifetime total donation of toys, games, movie and books reach $8,998,564 million. All contributing towards sick children in hospitals all over the world.

“I could not be happier with the record shattering results of our incredible Charity,” said Mike Krahulik, Storm Wizard.

“I hardly know how to respond to it,” exclaimed Jerry Holkins.  “The world may be a better place than I previously thought.”

“Jerry’s comment is better,” remarked Mike Krahulik, Storm Wizard.

Gamers in their thousands contributed and fund-raising events were organized by groups to help support Child’s Play. If you remember The Fate of Carmine campaign that Epic Games did for Child’s Play, you’ll be glad to know that it raised about $150,000 which is a fantastic total. Although the actual fate of the third Carmine brother won’t be known under Gears 3 comes out. (I voted that he lived. One of them has to survive, right?)

Child’s Play are aiming to raise more and more each year and as more and more people hear about it, I have every faith that next year will be even bigger. Don’t forget that Child’s Play continues to take donations throughout the year to contribute to hospitals in the U.K, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Egypt.

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