Ilomilo Finally Available On Arcade

If you weren’t one of the lucky people to gain early access to this fantastic arcade game, then you can now gain access without having to find a super secret website and get a code, then download the trial and purchase the full version.

Content: ilomilo
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Dash Text: Explore the visually lush dream world of IloMilo. Challenge yourself with exciting puzzles as you dive deeper and deeper into the story. Play along with a friend or family member and share the journey. Beautiful and full of charm, the game is equally appealing to seasoned gamers and young families alike. The puzzles are easy to learn, but challenging and deeply rewarding to find all the hidden surprises. Experience the unique, fun new co-op experience where you and a friend or family member can take control of ilo and milo and help guide each other through the exciting puzzles.

ilomilo is very visually appealing, it’s got a strange fabric art style and the puzzles look extremely varied. You can control both of the characters and the objective is that you have to unite the two to complete the level. I’m sure later on in the game the cubes will get extremely varied mixing up the gameplay a fair bit.

ilomilo is available now for the low end price of 800 Microsoft Points.

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