Microsoft Keynote At CES 2011

Looking for a place that has the link for Steve Ballmer’s keynote live webcast coming to us from CES 2011?  Well look no further as we have the link right here for you so no need to search the internet for the live webcast or just scroll to the bottom of the page and stay tuned right here for the live webcast.  The keynote is set to start at 6:30 PM PST so set your alarm and be sure to see what Steve Ballmer has to say.

A lot of rumors are circulating as to what Mr. Ballmer will be discussing to include the Windows Phone 7  for Verizon and Sprint to the introduction of Windows 8.  Once again these are rumors and until we hear different that is all they are.

So what news would you like to see from Microsoft’s keynote?

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  • much more integration and development of Games For Windows Live!, I want to see 100% of all PC games supporting it.

    I want to hear the annoucement of an Xbox 360 addon for PCs, so I can point and say ‘I told you so’ to the gaming world.

    And a handheld gaming device with the power of the 360. It’s over 5 years old now, surely that power can be placed in your hand. Smaller resolution on a tiny screen should mean its possible.

    No need for Windows 8, unless it releases in 2013. An annoucement of service packs for Win7 would be good.

    Microsoft TV which can go head to head as a competitor to SkyTV in the UK would be welcome.

    • I would love to see a handheld head our way from Microsoft and I would have to agree with the Windows 8 announcement.

  • maybe even Kinect for the PC