CES 2011: Nyko Technologies Accessories

If you like your gaming accessories, keep reading as Nyko Technologies just announced some new accessories at CES 2011 and we have the lowdown on them.

Power Shot for PS3 Move

First up we have an accessory for the PlayStation 3 Move.  The Power Shot for Move is a yellow and grey rifle of some sort. There appears to be a sight on the top of it but I guess this is purely cosmetic and won’t actually have any functionality.  The impressive feature about this rifle is that it can be setup for right or left handed players, so no-one loses out. The Power Shot will be available at select retail stores nationwide in March 2011.

Power Shot for PS3 Move

The Power Shot for PlayStation® Move is an ergonomic tactical rifle attachment. The Move Motion and Navigation controllers easily lock into place for a comfortable grip that provides for accurate trigger response and aiming. The removable and rotating Navigation Controller dock allows the player to hold the Power Shot in various configurations, making it ideal for left and right handed gamers. The tactile trigger replicates the Motion Controller button for smooth firing and the aiming sight increases the player’s accuracy. The Power Shot also features an extendable stock, allowing for utmost stability and precision during intense action games.

Perfect Shot for PS3 Move

Next up is the Perfect Shot for PS3 Move.  This time its an orange and black pistol which will be suitable if you only need to use the Motion Controller.  With force feedback included and the lightweight design, this pistol could be great in the hands of a Nathan Drake wannabee. The Perfect Shot for Move will be sold at select retail stores nationwide in March 2011.

Perfect Shot PS3 Move

A traditional one handed pistol-like grip for PlayStation® Move, the new Perfect Shot is the ideal shooting attachment for games that only require the Motion controller. Featuring a grooved dock into which the Motion Controller slides into place, the Perfect Shot is designed to be lightweight and ergonomic for comfortable one handed play. Vibration support provides force feedback with each trigger pull. The peripheral’s shape affords unobstructed line of sight for the Motion controller glowing ball, thus allowing accurate and uninterrupted motion tracking.

Perfect Shot Pro (Wii)

This one is for the Nintendo Wii and it is based on the original Perfect Shot which was a best seller for Nyko.  The Pro now features force feedback but i do question if the Wii Motion Plus addon fits as well.  The Perfect Shot Pro for Wii, available in white, black and orange, and a new digital camo color scheme will be available at stores nationwide in April 2011 and will retail for an MSRP of $19.99.

Perfect Shot Pro (Wii)

The descendant of the original Perfect Shot for Wii, one of Nyko’s best-selling products of all time, the new Perfect Shot Pro for Wii is the refined evolution of the original Perfect Shot. The Perfect Shot Pro now features vibration support to provide force feedback with each pull of the trigger. The Perfect Shot Pro is the ideal peripheral for all shooting games on the Wii and comfortably houses a Wii controller. The tactile trigger activates the “B” button and an aiming sight improves player accuracy.

Intercooler STS (Xbox 360 S)

Here we have an external cooler for the Xbox 360 S.  The new slim version of the console doesn’t seem to suffer from over heating as much as the original but there must be a market for cooler or else this would exist. The information that caught my eye was that it powered by the console itself and the design fits in nicely with the sleek design of the Xbox 360 S.  The Intercooler STS will be available at select retail stores nationwide in February 2011 and will retail for an MSRP of $19.99.

Intercooler STS

Utilize Nyko’s cutting edge TempSmart™ technology to keep your Xbox 360 S console running at optimal environmental conditions with the Intercooler STS. The Intercooler STS provides increased airflow away from the Xbox 360 S, which allows the console to perform in a cooler, better ventilated environment, ideal for cramped entrainment centers. TempSmart technology automatically powers the Intercooler STS’ fans on or off when needed, and continues to cool the console even after the system has been powered down. The Intercooler STS is powered by one of the Xbox’s USB ports and requires no batteries or AC adapters. The slick new “scoop” design blends seamlessly with the design of the Xbox 360 S console and works in both the horizontal and vertical positions.

Charge Base S (Xbox 360)

Now we have the charge base S, also for the Xbox 360 S.   Things to note for this one is that it’s a charging station for two Xbox 360 controllers and it fully charges in around 2 hours, giving up to 25 hours of playtime.  There is also an additional USB port on the charger to use for whatever you want. The Charge Base S will be available at retail stores nationwide in March 2011 and will retail for an MSRP of $24.99.

Charge Base S

The new Charge Base S for Xbox 360 is a refresh of another one of Nyko’s most popular products of all time. With a sleek redesign, the Charge Base S is a storage and charging dock for two Xbox 360 wireless controllers. The Charge Base S patented design features two custom NiMH rechargeable batteries that feature special contact points, allowing for an easy drop-in and charge solution. The dual port recharging dock is AC powered and plugs into any standard outlet. Each rechargeable battery powers the wireless controller for up to 25 hours and charges in about 2 hours. A hidden LED indicator on the Charge Base S illuminates when in use and indicates battery charge status.

The Charge Base S also features an additional new powered USB port, ideal for charging an additional controller, cell phone, iPod or other USB device.

Raven Standard / Raven Alternate

Two versions of alternatives to the standard Sony PlayStation 3 controller. the Raven Standard has the same button layout as the standard Ps3 controller while the Raven Alternative swaps the the left analog stick and directional pad into a configuration that is similar to the Xbox 360 layout.  They are available in stores now, MSRP (Standard): $34.99 & MSRP (Alternate): $34.99.

Raven Standard

Raven Alternative

The Raven, Nyko’s premium controller for PS3, features Multi-Axis Technology for full motion support. It comes in two configurations – the Raven with Standard configuration is laid out identically to Sony’s controller, and will be instantly familiar to PS3 gamers. In response to player demand, the Raven with Alternate configuration swaps the position of the left analog stick and directional pad, giving gamers the first-ever ergonomic alternative to Sony’s layout. As the majority of modern games rely on the analog joystick, this is a great option for players seeking a more comfortable controller for gaming sessions.

Charge Station for Move & Charge Station Quad for Move

Last up are a couple of charging stations for the PS3 Move.  The Charge Station and Charge Station Quad.   The Charge Station enables you to charge the Motion and Navigation Controllers at the same time, while the Quad version allows you to charge 2 of each type of Move controller.  You have the option of charging from the console or you can plug it into the mains for a faster charge.   They are both available in store now. MSRP (2-port): $19.99 & MSRP (4-port): $29.99.

Charge Station

Easily store and charge both the Move Motion controller and the Move Navigation controller at once.  Or, with the 4-Port Charge Station, keep 2 sets of Move Motion controllers and 2 Move Navigation controllers ready for instant action. The convenient drop-and-charge design recharges the internal batteries in the Move controllers, while AC power allows for faster charging with no messy cables back to the console. LED Charge Indicator lights display the charge status, and both units sport a sleek design that will look great near your PS3.

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  • I am looking forward to the Powershot !

  • seeing these guns has made me really interested in the Sony Move, when up until now I could not have cared less for it

    • Really? lol Well don’t knock it till u tried it!

  • It doesn’t mention induction on the Xbox controller charger but it sure looks like one. Too bad they haven’t made a 4 controller drop-in induction charger. The Nyko Wii induction charger where the controllers hang and it is plugged in via wall outlet is awesome.

  • I already have the precision shot 3 for the Move. Starting to think I need the rifle as well.