How To Buy Comic Books #1

This is Graham Crackers Comics one of the best shops I've shopped at.

Getting into comic books can be intimidating. Characters have decades of history. There are dozens of new books every month. You might be jumping into the middle of a story. Even knowing where you can buy comics can be confusing for new readers.

There are many ways for people to buy comic books. Finding your preferred way of purchasing can be just as important as the actual comics you buy. This article will detail some of the different ways for you to buy comics. Hopefully it will help some of you get into comic books.

The first comic books I bought were in a comic book shop. You can find your local comic shop right here. Comic book shops can either be the best way to get your first comics or the worst. Many shops are great. I have been fortunate enough to live near a couple of great shops. Good shops will have a big selection, employees who are excited to help new readers, and other customers who are friendly and polite. Unfortunately, there are also shops that scare people away from comics. These shops will have employees who treat new readers like idiots, people who don’t realize they are in public, and an atmosphere that seems to push new people away. If you walk into one of those shops please don’t let it ruin the whole medium of comic books for you.

A good comic book shop is the best thing that can happen to new readers. They give you an opportunity to browse all the newest books and have someone recommend some you might like. A good comic book shop employee should be able to steer you to some quality books. Don’t be afraid to ask! Since single comic books are only 3 or 4 dollars new readers can sample different books and find what they really like. Try the big names like Batman and Spider-Man but don’t be afraid to try some books you haven’t heard of. There are tons of different genres and styles. A good comic shop can help you find the comics you will like and give you a community to share them with. Comic shops like those can create life long fans.

If you find a comic book shop you like and some books you get every month, the next step is getting a pull list. A pull list is a list of comics that you want your comic book shop to pull and hold for you every month. Pull lists guarantee you won’t miss an issue of your favorite books. Some shops will even give you a discount if you put a certain amount of comics on your list. Shops love pull lists because it means they know they will have you as a customer every month. It also helps shops determine how many issues of each comic to order in advance. Once you have a pull list of comics you can officially call yourself a full blown comic book nerd!

Look out soon for part two where I will detail places other than comic shops you can go to buy comic books.

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