What Games Do You Want Kinect Support On?

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts to appease the hardcore gaming community, Kinect is still generally viewed as an alternative to the Nintendo Wii.  By this I mean, it’s a casual games accessory that will be used by families and generally not by gamers who will happily plough endless hours into a game. Having purchased Kinect before Christmas, I was blown away by the technology and enjoyed playing around with the bundled games but already it is starting to collect dust as a similar rate to my Wii.

There is no denying that the Kinect has had a successful launch, with sales in excess of 8 Million at the time of this article but who is actually still playing with it a few weeks after unwrapping it?  Gamers have returned to their faithful controller and their standard game of choice, only jumping onto Kinect to show it’s functionality off to family and friends.  So what could Microsoft announce that would either keep your interest in Kinect going or ignite your interest in the first place?

Just add a layer of dust and it would look like mine

What games do you want to see support Kinect? The recent rumours about a Gears of War game with Kinect support are not really going away but with nothing officially confirmed, it’s difficult to imagine how it could be incorporated outside of a mini game.  So please let your creative juices flow and tell everyone here at Platform Nation what games you want to see Kinect Support for, and how you want to see it implemented.  Could a sports game work, could you assume the role of the star quarter back in Madden and spend hours throwing a pretend ball around your living room?  How about Mass Effect 3 and using your hands to throw some magic around?  Need for Speed, something similar to the steering controls in Joy Ride?

We want to hear your most outrageous ideas?

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  • I think it could make a third person shooter very fun. I imagine playing Ghost Recon and being able to duck, crouch, and go prone, taking cover behind any obstacles (peeking around corners, etc) using the Kinect.

    I think it could be a lot of fun in a shooter, as I still occasionally duck while playing Call of Duty. 🙂

  • Nick

    I’d love to see EA implement Kinect in their sports games to scan in your character – face, body shape etc. Would take the pain out of that whole process 🙂

    • good idea but some of usmay not want our physical self running around a pitch. Maybe the option to also fine tune some features after scanning

  • Tom

    maybe the will come out with a simple hand controller to use in some more advanced games

    • without a hand controller for movement, I’m really stuggling to imagine Kinect working for 3rd or 1st person games.

  • Tom

    I think if they only make fitness games and dance games it a good enough peripheral just for that.

    • i’m actually tending to agree with you. Its an awesome accessory for the fitness games and the dance central game is a laugh with a group of friends.

  • definitely would like to see madden offered with kinect. drop back for a pass use two arms like a air traffic controller to scramble and move around in the pocket. when passing, hold your dominant arm back in throwing position while using your other arm to point at the target to throw to. pointing your arm could highlight the proper receiver and when you’re ready launch your throwing arm forward fast and even plane for a bullet and upwards in an arc for a lob pass. once the ball is caught you can juke in place to mimic that movement on the game, use an arm to stiff arm, or spin in place to spin. that game would rock

  • I could see possibly a simple hand held controller with merely a joystick for your thumb to control running, and your hands completing the other actions. I’d love to see something like madden, or a simple gunlike prop for first person shooters… with the movement controls on the gun itself…

  • Volleyball (improved, w. ability to position etc), Rugby & Madden (both to be played from 1st person perspective as ONE player of the team only), Curling, Petanque, (English) Bowls, Tennis (system a la Grandslam tennis from EA), Squash, The On-line Mass Marathon run 😉 and Freestyle Swimming (standing up),
    Handball & Water Polo (as one player), cycling: Le Tour De France-Kinect (sit on a chair)

  • My hopes for kinect having any true gaming value is all but gone. I don’t see any good games coming out for it at all. It’s too limited in it’s current state for gaming. Maybe kinect 2 will be better.

  • HaVoc

    Baseball, basketball, fight night kinect, a samaural game, a game that has a storyline or stages, or a sports game with a career or season. I can see an Avatar: the air bender type game working with the kinect. Some type of Kung Fu/karate type game something way better than fighters uncaged