Dragon Age II – Day One DLC Trailer

A German gaming website ( has just posted some interesting information about the Day One DLC for the upcoming sequel to Dragon Age. The DLC is titled The Exiled Prince and included in the article was a video showcasing this DLC, but don’t worry if your German is not up to scratch, the trailer is in English.

The three missions included in The Exiled Prince DLC introduce the aristocratic Sebastian Vael into the game. He is out to take revenge for the brutal murder of his family.  Bioware have confirmed that players will be able to use Sebastian as a companion in the main game.

Those who pre-order the Bioware Signature Edition of Dragon Age 2 will get this DLC for free, but if you are interested you better move quick as you only have until January 11 to place your order.


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  • Nothing gets me more steamed up then Day one DLC. If they pulled this of on anny diffrent kind of market they wouldnt get away with it.