Invaders World Tour Review (iPod Touch)

Game Review: Invaders World Tour
Release: 12-14-10 Updated: Jan 5, 2011
Developer: Appular
MSRP: $0.99
Rating: 9+ for infrequent/mild violence
Version: 1.1
Size: 33.2MB
Website: Invaders World Tour

**iPad HD version also available**

The website puts it best:


Invaders World Tour 3 is a retro classic that has been brought back to life for the new social gamer. Old gamers will feel right at home with the retro style and feel of the game while new gamers will enjoy the inclusion of social gaming features. Users of all ages should be able to find something in Invaders World Tour that they will be able to enjoy.

Playing the game is as simple as tilting your device to make the on screen ship slide left or right. Firing guns requires a tap to the screen that will blast lasers out at the oncoming enemies. Three shields protect you but, only rely on them when need be because they will disappear after taking so much damage. Alien waves start at the top of the screen and they will slowly start to cascade towards the bottom, every few seconds one will dive bomb trying to catch you off guard.

Invaders World Tour starts off with weapon selections that are almost laughable to get the job done.  However,  you are in luck because acquiring power ups help give you a fighting chance against the attacking alien force. Power ups can then be managed via the control center/main menu which was very interesting and helpful. Power ups come in the form of a spaceship that floats across the top of the screen that, if you are able to hit you will get different powers each time.


– Weapon upgrades

-Leader boards

-Vintage arcade feel

– User created sound effects

(vBOX integration. Included with the app are two game soundtracks: one retro 8-bit style and one new-age “modern” one. There’s also a third, customizable option that gives customers the ability to create their own background track for Invaders World Tour 3)

One overall improvement the game could use, that I would like to see fixed in the near future is the control scheme. No control is not horrible, though sometimes it felt like you were at the will of the game. One other issue I had is sometimes as the enemies dropped they were almost impossible to hit at times. My other main issue was the fact it was hard as hell to put down the game was too damn addicting.

Whether you are a retro game fanatic or just enjoy some classic style games Invaders World Tour will make you feel right at home. Controls do hinder the game a little but not enough to make it so the game is unplayable. Backgrounds for the games were beautiful and unique it was visually pleasing.

Overall, Invaders World Tour is just what you should look for in a mobile game.

This app is a must buy

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