Stir: 2011 Gaming Resolutions

I, Chris Forbis, do resolve that I will not WASTE money on video games in the year 2011.

On the surface, that sounds fairly harsh – so let me explain.

I have always been somewhat fascinated by a single feature of the Xbox 360 interface.  It’s the panel that shows the total Gamerscore available in all the games I have played in relation to the Gamerscore I have earned.  Here are my current numbers.

Gamerscore Earned: 23,720
Total Gamerscore Available: 104,505
Percentage of Gamerscore Earned: 22.7%

Some quick math shows this is less than 25% of the possible Gamerscore I could have earned.  Since Gamerscore is awarded for achievements, and achievements are directly linked (usually) to in game experiences – this means I have played less than 25% of the entertainment experiences I have paid for.

Now let’s let the OCD sweep over us like a warm bath in the wintertime.  What does a single Gamerscore point cost?

Retail games are around $50 on average is purchased new and near the release date.  I’d guess that 10% or less of my games are purchased at full retail since I usually try to grab them on sale or with future game purchase incentives ($10 off your next game purchase or such).  Averaging in the discounts let’s just say these titles cost me $40 each.  These games have 1,000 GS each thus one GS costs $.04 US

DLC and Xbox Live Arcade game prices range from $5 to $15 – also depending on sales or promotions – so let’s just settle on $10 average.  These titles commonly bring 200 GS to the table making these GS point only $.02 US each.

Without doing a complete and detailed inventory of my games I have played, I don’t know the split of retail vs. downloaded games, or how many were rentals or promotional copies for review purposes – but I think it’s fair to just say a single Gamerscore point costs three cents US on average.

Now let’s run the numbers on my Gamerscore using the “MensaDad Three Cent Rule”.  I’ve earned a little more than $711 worth of GS – but the number that really bothers me is that I have nearly $2,500 in unearned GS setting on my game shelf.  This is entertainment I have already purchased but have not experienced fully.

My Resolution And The Plan

In my resolution for 2011, by WASTE I mean that portion of unearned GS.  I want to raise the percentage of earned GS.  In order to do this I have to do two things.  1) Earn more than 25% of the GS in every new game I play and 2) Revisit some old games that I have very low GS earned from them.

While this all makes perfect sense to me, my wife sees it quite differently.  She thinks it’s just more justification for me to get more and play more games this year.  I actually had not thought of it that way – but who am I to disagree?  Game on Nation!


Sarah Brannan | FFXPrincess | Profile |

My gaming resolution is to finally finish the games that I have! I keep telling myself I won’t pick up any more, but I always do! Though, like many resolutions years past, I’m sure I won’t make this one. 🙂

When Scott goes to Vegas - He's staying in Vegas.

Scott diMonda | WCC5723 | Profile |

I usually don’t make resolutions because I never go through with them, but I did this year and that is to not start any game until I am completely done with Fallout: New Vegas to include the DLC Dead Money.  I always take out Fallout and never put it back in when the DLC drops.  So this year I will not be playing anything until I am done with Fallout: New Vegas.

Brian Heitzenrater | FrehleyzComet | Profile |

My goal is to get a minimum of 10 games 100% completed. By this, I mean either 1000/1000 (200/200 for Arcade games) Gamerscore or the Platinum Trophy. I do enjoy getting my achievements and trophies, but I’m not an achievement whore. I won’t play a game just for the sole purpose of getting points or trophies. I do enjoy getting them though when I play something I like. It pushes me to play harder or go the extra mile with my games. I’ve done things that I normally would not have done before achievements/trophies.

Andrew Hunt | Boss Kamikaze | Profile |

I know it’s nerdy, and a complete waste of time, but my gaming, new years resolution is to increase my gamerscore by at least 10,000G by the end of the year. As it stands, my current gamerscore is, 61,325G. So, by the end of the year my gamerscore should be 71,325G. With all the great games coming out this year, I doubt an increase of 10,000G will be hard. Did I tell you that this is a complete waste of time? Still, the higher the gamerscore, the bigger the… or something along those lines.

Adam Jagger | Krazy XP | Profile |

Hit 100,000 Gamerscore. I’m on 86180 at the moment and can’t wait to hit 100k. I pretty much revolve the games I play around the achievements. Love em. Hitting 100k would be amazing.

William wants to get deep into Diablo II again. Is there any other way to do Diablo II besides deep?

William Johnson | StylelessKnave | Profile |

A gaming resolution of mine is to expand my collection into PC gaming. I’d like to get deep into Diablo II again, and maybe try out some Starcraft. Hell, I’d like to try playing some of my favorite console games on the PC just so I can mod and edit and do some of the crazy things I’ve seen on Youtube. I really like watching the videos on Fallout 3 of an army of Enclave Troopers, taking on a giant Deathclaw and a giant Super Mutant Behemoth. How amazing does that sound?

Another resolution is to be on time 😀

Justin Keplinger |

This New Year’s I resolve to finally sit down and play the PC games Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. These are both titles I have wanted to play for some time but never actually went about purchasing. I finally bought both games during a Steam holiday sale and am now waiting for the opportunity to start playing. I have other games I need to finish first but I have made my New Year’s resolution to complete both of these games. I feel this is one resolution that has a very high chance of succeeding.

John McMahon | VastManatee | Profile |

I want to make a game for the iPhone, put in on the App Store, and have one person buy it. I’ve written so many iPhone game reviews, I feel like I can do it. If one person buys it, I know I can make a game that two people will buy. Then four, etc.

Mike Murphy | Chibi_Mike | Profile |

In the new year, there’s a few gaming resolutions I’m hoping to stick to. First, I’m looking to get more posts up here on Platform Nation. Second, I’m going to finally finish Dead Space before it’s sequel comes out. Last, I’m going to get a PS3 after all these years. Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, and Yakuza 3 are calling.

Ross wants to get a PSPhone. Get in line pal.

Ross Phillips |

My New Year’s gaming resolutions include:

  • Getting my hands on a PSP Phone;
  • Finishing GTA IV
  • Being top of the league in Killzone 3 for at least one week

Patrick Talbert | AzraelPC | Profile |

My gaming New Year’s resolution is to finish (story-wise) at least half of the 20 games that I currently have. I (still) have yet to finish the following (from a story perspective):

  • ES4: Oblivion
  • The Saboteur
  • Borderlands
  • ME2 (DLC only)
  • DAO (Golems and Witch Hunt)
  • Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
  • Assassin’s Creed 2 (borrowed from friend)
  • Dead Space (borrowed from friend)

Pray that I have the time to do this between work and family time. Fun times are ahead for me for sure.

Mark Withers | PN Markwithers | Profile |

Ah the good old new years gaming resolutions.  I have the same one each year – clear the gaming backlog before buying new games but each year the backlog just grows and if I didn’t buy another game for a couple of years I’d probably only have made a small dent in the backlog.  So this year I’m going to be more specific and pick out 12 games I want to complete over the course of the year that are collecting dust on the shelves. I started some of them and then got side lined and distracted by other games and never went back. In no particular order I will pick one of these a month and make sure they are completed.  Bioshock2, Dragon Age, Uncharted 1 & 2, Mass Effect 2, Half Life 2, Mafia 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, God Of War 3, Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, Halo 3.  There we go, 12 games across different platforms. Check back with me in 6 months to see if I am half way through them.

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Love it! Keep up the great work Chris! 🙂

  • I’ll do a rough calcualtion later. According to game Collectorz I own 230 retail X360 games. scarey that my gamer score is so low