Gaming Confessions: Zelda Franchise

This week’s confession: I have never completed a single game from the Zelda series.

As the original game of the series was on the Nintendo Entertainment System I never really had an opportunity to play it as a child but with the Virtual Console I can no longer use this as an excuse. I have tried to play the later games in the series but I find it difficult to immerse myself in the world of Hyrule.

Maybe I am doing the franchise a great disservice by not seeing the game to the end but without being immersed in the world and its community I had no connection to the characters and their plight. On the odd occasions that I did try to play the game I quickly found myself lost somewhere in Hyrule. The only way I could combat my lack of direction was to pick a wall and follow it around each screen of each level to see if I could work out where I was supposed to go.

Following a wall for navigational assistance isn’t the best way of playing any game, especially an open ended game like Zelda as it leads to a lot of repetition/back tracking and doesn’t really help drive the game and story forward. On reflection, this may be contributing towards my empathy towards the series in general as there is nothing more frustrating than being stuck somewhere in a game with no indication of where to go and what to do next.  A troublesome boss fight is annoying but even if it takes several attempts to beat the boss, you can be certain that you are making progress. However, if you are lost you could waste countless hours travelling in completely the wrong direction.

With so many strategy guides readily available online, I could easily download a map and a guide which would help me complete the game but I am too stubborn to ask for help. If I am ever to beat a Zelda game I will do it myself.

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    I’ve only ever beaten the first Zelda and Link to the Past. I tried Ocarina, but I found it very obnoxious, plus the graphics were hurting my eyes. I also tried Wind Waker, but I found it just as obnoxious, but at least it looked nice.

  • i love the Zelda games and have completed a couple of them with the Ocarina of Time being my favourite. However, they are alomst all identical once you scracth the surface. They have the same basic story, same dungeon exploring, find the map, find the compass, find the key etc. And the end boss is the same guy. (a bit like Mario)