The Battery Life Of The 3DS May Disappoint You

It seems Nintendo’s highly ambitious handheld set to release this Spring may have at least one major mark against it in the eyes of serious gamers. Nintendo recently gave all the tech specs, charging time, and battery life for 3D and normal DS games at the Nintendo World 2011 event in Japan, and Joystiq has all the details.

The 3DS will run for 3-5 hours when playing 3DS software, and 5-8 hours when running DS games. We guess it does take a lot of power to run three displays (if you count the dual rendering required for 3D as two displays) and maintain a wireless connection. This is precisely why the device ships with that charging dock — which, by the way, will charge the battery in about 3 and a half hours.

This is tech no one has ever really seen before, so I guess I can accept the fact that the amount of time it takes to charge is practically a 1:1 ratio of the amount of playtime I’ll have with the thing, if I’m playing a 3D game. Which I will be, because that is the entire reason I, and most people I think, want one. But looking back on old DS’s, even to the original which claimed a ten hour charge (and if memory serves correct, with low screen brightness, pretty much delivered) you can’t help but point out the huge regress in battery life here. I still have no doubt that it’ll sell like hotcakes.

via Joystiq

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  • Considering its the first of its kind, maybe we should expect some low specs here and there? I’d be surprised if the next version of the system isn’t crazily upgraded with longer battery life.

  • Considering that the battery for the 3DS is better then the one for the DSi and DS games on the 3DS will run from 5 to 8 hours It would be impossible for that to be the lowest brightness setting considering the lowest brightness setting on the DSi runs from 9 to 14 hours and I don’t see why DS games would use up more power on the 3DS then they did on the DS. You also have to consider that Nintendo said that the battery of the 3DS will be close to the DSi whose battery length on the max brightness is 3 to 4 hours which is close to the 3 to 5 hour stated for the 3DS. If 3 to 5 hours really was the lowest brightness setting considering that the DSi had 5 brightness levels the highest brightness setting would be close to zero and that would be ridiculous or the 3DS only has one brightness setting like the original DS.