ThinkGeek iCade Unveiled At CES 2011

If you didn’t have a reason to buy an iPad before CES 2011, ThinkGeek has fixed that.  Begining as an April Fool joke, a fake miniature arcade game cabinet was imagined to hold an iPad – connecting it to a joystick and buttons common to retro arcade game.

The idea, dubbed the iCade, was such a success that it has been made a reality.  ThinkGeek teamed up with ION Audio and Atari to bring the iCade to market and the desktop iPad cradle was officially unveiled at CES 2011.  The iCade controls connect to the iPad via Bluetooth so it’s just as easy as gently placing your iPad into the cabinet and “Insert Coin”.

Atari will have classic games available via the App Store with iCade support built in – including Asteroids.  An easy to implement API will also be made available to developers allowing iCade support to be added to almost any game.

The iCade is priced at $99 US – which is $50 cheaper than the original April Fool joke price.

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