CES 2011: Switchblade Laptop (Portable PC Gaming)

If you like your gaming with a hint of PC but find yourself on the move far to often then Razer could have the answer for you.  At this years Consumers Electronic Show, Razer revealed a portable touch screen gaming device that has a keyboard that is fully customisable.  Feast your eyes on this image.

The SwitchBlade Micro had a 7-inch capacitative multitouch screen (resolution is 1024×600) and has an unreleased version of the Intel Atom processor under the hood.  It runs a full copy of Windows 7, has a 128GB SSD hard drive, 3G, Bluetooth and Wifi built in, HDMI-out, 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB 3.0 port.  The dimensions are 172×115×25 mm (6.77×4.52×0.98 inches). 

The graphics chip was not confirmed at CES 2011 but the claim was made that the device is capable of running games like Left4Dead and World of Warcraft with frame-rates of 30 which is the acceptable threshold for gamers in general.

Now we come to a really cool feature, the keyboard.  Similar to the amazing, yet wildly expensive Optimus Keyboard, the Switchblade comes with a keyboard that will morph according to the application/game that is running.  You have full control over this and can customise the keyboard exactly how you want it for each game.  How does it do this you ask?  Beneath the keys is an LCD screen and because the keys are transparent, whatever images are displayed on the LCD screen will simply appear on the keys – simple.  So the keys could show standard numbers and letters or you could set them up with icons.  The layout can even change dynamically based on the in-game situation.

This is what all PC gamers have been waiting for.  Maybe not this device in particular but the ability to have a truly portable PC gaming device and with the price rumoured to be in the region of $500 it would be financially enticing too.  The iPad is portable and has a ton of games but the majority of the games are simply time killing, novelty games. The PSP is getting long in the tooth and the PSP2 is unconfirmed.  The Nintendo DS (3DS) is marketed at the younger gaming audience. So all in all, the SwitchBlade Micro has identified a gap in the portable gaming market and is going for it.  It could be an MMO players dream.

Source: DVICE

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