Last Few Chun-Li Fightsticks In The UK

Fans of Street Fighter 4 will tell you that the only way to play the game is with an arcade stick and the same fans will probably tell you that the only arcade stick worth playing the game with is the official Mad Catz FightStick Tournament Edition.  For the average gamer, these arcade sticks are an expensive luxury but if you are looking at purchasing one then you may want to consider the limited edition Chun Li version.  It only had a run of 2000 and there are only a few left in the UK.  As an Street Fighter 4 fan and an owner of the Tournament Edition Round 2 arcade stick, I have to say that I think the Chun Li edition looks awesome but at approx £125 it is maybe just too expensive unless you are a massive fan.

Chun Li Limited Edition Fightstick Features

  • Exclusive Limited Edition – Only 2000 Units ever made!
  • Stunning Lenticular print artwork
  • 8 button layout with turbo functionality
  • Authentic Japanese Sanwa arcade parts
  • Heavy weighting and large arcade design for extra stability
  • Special collector’s edition display box and design

Check out these images and move fast if you are thinking of buying one.

The Special Edition Chun Li Fightsticks were originally announced at PAX and are one of the most limited collector’s edition Street Fighter products ever made. Available now at, with only 2000 units per console these high performance joysticks are the ideal product for collectors and players alike. Available on both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, the Chun Li Fightstick is based on the highly praised Tournament Edition Round 2 S arcade stick. Featuring stunning lenticular print artwork, both of the arcade sticks have the genuine Sanwa arcade parts. The only difference between them is the colours of the buttons and the Xbox version having a socket for connecting an Xbox Headset. Extremely limited in supply, these individually numbered arcade sticks are the perfect combination of design and performance.

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