New Elder Scrolls V Details Emerge

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was one of the biggest games of 2006. It was one of the games that helped put the Xbox 360 on the map. With its sequel, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda is looking to improve on what was an epic, but incredibly flawed, game. To do that, Bethesda is focusing on two things. The first major tweak is coming to the combat, and the second is coming to the leveling system.

The combat is not getting a major overhaul, but Bethesda is adding the ability to hold two weapons at a time. While this is not completely changing the combat, it is adding an entire new layer to what was a serviceable combat system. Players will be able to control each hand separately. This will even apply to the use of magic. There is one handed magic and two handed magic. These changes could add a great number of ways that anyone can play through the game.

Leveling is receiving a huge overhaul, even though this seems to be an evolutionary step from the first Oblivion. In Oblivion the player had to choose some stats at the beginning of the game that would dictate how he would play the rest of the game. Although, there were some skills that would level up separately from the players overall experience.  This time around, players will not have to decide how they want to play from the beginning, instead they will be able to dictate their character’s leveling by actually playing the game. The more a player does something, the more that skill will grow. This seemingly is going to apply to every stat that the player has.

These changes certainly seem to improve on some of the problems that people had with Oblivion. The question is, do they fix enough of them?

Source: Kotaku

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