Bethesda / Interplay Legal Battle Continues Over Fallout

The ugliness surrounding the Fallout MMO continues and my guess is that it wont be over anytime soon.  With the success of Fallout 3 and the follow-up New Vegas, Fallout is a very hot property.  The most interesting part of the news is that Interplay claims that Bethesda violated the agreement with them by trying to grant another party the rights already belonging to Interplay.  Does this mean there is someone else out there working on a super-secret Fallout MMO with Bethesda’s blessing?

Here’s the news as posted in the Fallout Wiki:

“The Vault has received new court documents in the ongoing Bethesda vs. Interplay legal battle over the rights to Fallout Online and the Fallout franchise itself. The January 7 filing is Interplay’s response to Bethesda’s recent claims that Interplay was only licensed the Fallout name for use in its Fallout MMO, and not any other elements derived from the Fallout games, including its amended counter-lawsuit against Bethesda.”

“Interestingly, Interplay also claims that Bethesda violated the TLA by attempting to “grant another party Interplay’s rights” regarding the Fallout MMO. No further details are given.”

Source: Fallout Wiki – For all the background info on this prize-fight visit the Fallout Wiki.

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