Brand New Mindjack Screenshots

We have some brand spanking new Mindjack screenshots that were sent to us earlier today. I wanted to share them with all of you so here you go for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t know what Mindjack is? Check out this multiplayer trailer that we are borrowing from IGN.

Does that peak your interest? Honestly I know nothing about this game, or actually I should say that I know very little. If you’re looking forward to the game, leave a comment on this so we know and we will do our best to continue to put out information about it as we get it.

MINDJACK is a unique action shooter that will push the boundaries of the third-person genre with its thrilling co-operative gameplay, mind control abilities and other incredible surprises. The game will effectively blur the line between traditional single- and multi-player gameplay, creating a campaign experience where non-playable characters can, at any moment, transform into human-controlled allies or gun-toting foes.

Set in 2031, MINDJACK throws players into the life of Jim Corbijn, a field agent with the Federal Intelligence Agency’s elite “Direct Intervention Force.” As Jim becomes embroiled in a clandestine war between governments and corporations, he employs futuristic technology that allows him to take control of other characters and machines within the game world by “hacking” into them.

As networked players join another gamer’s single-player campaign through Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, they seamlessly transform the experience into co-operative multiplayer, instantly altering the challenge and game world, resulting in each game session being truly unique.

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