DC Universe Online Launch Trailer.

DC Universe Online launched today for the PlayStation3 and PC and we brought you 25 screenshots earlier thanks to Sony Online Entertainment.  But what is a launch day without a launch trailer?

So just for a minute of so, forget all the things you heard about the bugs in the beta, click play on the trailer and feel the excitement of the potential of this game.  When you’ve finished watching it, why not leave some comments below to let us know if you’ll be picking the game up.

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  • Sadly I live in a small town about 2 hours from any gaming stores. But I pre-ordered this online and it will be in tomorrow. I can not wait. I personally have put WoW on the back burner and if this game is as good as I think it will be, My computer may never see Dwarves and elves again. Thank You DC and thank you Sony!

  • I got it yesterday, and I can tell you that the lock-ups that plagued me during the beta have not reared their ugly head — so that’s a very good thing. My only gripe right now is that you can’t see the objectives of the missions the group leader has (unless I’m missing something). As I said before, I’d prefer if they implemented a ‘Borderlands’ style mission readout where everyone in the party can see the objectives, even if they’ve already done the mission.

    That said, I’m really having a lot of fun with DCUO. I’ve had a couple of my heavy MMORPG playing friends bash the beta for one reason or another, but I think they’re just jaded. I don’t usually play MMORPGs, but as a comic fan and a console gamer I couldn’t see passing this one up…and so far, I’m glad I didn’t.