X-Men Destiny: New Details Revealed

If you have been waiting patiently for some information on the upcoming X-Men Destiny from Too Human developer Silicon Knights then you need to look no further than this month’s Official Xbox Magazine UK

While details online are slim and even the official website only offers one very short teaser trailer OXM UK have had time to look over and produce a short preview.

From the preview, the game will take place during a turbulent time in the X-Men universe with anti-mutant hysteria running particularly high and the X-men themselves suffering a devastating loss. Silicon Knights are aiming to put emphasis on the “tough decisions that an average X-Men has to make”

For more information and to see the preview in full, pick up a copy of OXM UK number 69 from your newsstand. For our non UK readers the preview may/may not be included in your regions Official Xbox Magazine.


Information from CVG

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