Best of The Bad Bunch:#7 Albert Wesker

Tying in with the Microsoft’s Zombie Week, Best of The Bad Bunch is taking a look at one of my favourite villains from the Resident Evil series. Though he didn’t take much of your screen time in the earlier Resident Evil games Wesker deserves a mention if only for his badass clothing style.

Name: Albert Wesker

D.O.B:  1960

First Appearance: Resident Evil

Last Appearance: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (Flashback)

Wesker made his first appearance in the 1996 release of Resident Evil as a member of the Special Tactics And Rescue Service and eventually revealed to be a member of Umbrella tasked with luring the S.T.A.R.S into the Spencer Mansion for a series of experiments. Wesker was thought to be dead at the end of this game.

Making a re-appearance in Resident Evil: Code Veronica now bolstered with superhuman strength and regenerative abilities and seemingly looking for information on one of Umbrella’s leading researchers, Alexia Ashford. Wesker eventually follows Alexia’s trail to the antartic where he met resistance from Chris Redfield. Wesker learnt that he could not defeat Alexia alone and instead decided to steal away the body of Steve Burnside and extract a sample of the T-Veronica virus.

Over the next 8 years Wesker increased his research and made many contacts inside and outside The Organisation and even gathered enough data to help shutdown Umbrella completely. This was a turning point for Wesker as he now possessed all the power of the Umbrella Archives and started to build his own organisation.

The first task in Wesker’s new order was to acquire samples of a Las Plagas from Tricell, even though Wesker himself did not get directly involved he sent employees of his own to work on his behalf.  The sample was lost with the death

of Luis Sera but this did not phase Wesker in the least, he simply moved on to removing the next obstacle in his path, Leon.S.Kennedy.Wesker’s subordinate Ada Wong was still loyal to Leon and to The Organisation Wesker was disobeying. His plans were stalled when Leon escaped with his life and he was provided with a false Control Plaga and placed in a position where he left the control of The Organisation.

Now in possession of  every virus and Bio Weapon created Wesker went after Umbrella’s founder. Upon finding out that he was part of a series of experiments to create (in a rather cliched manner) the perfect soldier who would stop at nothing for more power , Wesker killed his creator , Spencer Founder of Umbrella, by forcing his arm through the old man’s chest.

Partly enraged and partly inspired by his masters vision of creating the perfect race of powerful and obedient humans Wesker started to create Uroboros. Uroboros was to be the most powerful virus created and in Wesker’s eyes would start the next chain in evolution. Uroboros was originally fatal as it was too poisonous but after using anti-bodies found in a captured Jill Valentine to tailor it enough to not instantly kill subjects.

With Wesker at its head Tricell began to replace Umbrella and even went as far as creating further “Weapons” on a giant tanker previously owned by Umbrella . Wesker’s final face off came against Chris Redfield and Sheva in which Wesker destroyed and subsequently absorbed a missile full of the Uroboros virus. Mutating into a super weapon it takes a volcano and 2 missiles to completely destroy his new form and stop his plans to infect the whole world with Uroboros.

What started off as a mission of vengeance on his former employers eventually turned into an lust for power and world domination. Every moment of his story may have been taken from How 2 Be Evil 101 but he pulled it off with suave and style. If only for his aryan looks and black trenchcoat Wesker is this weeks Best of The Bad Bunch.

Next Week is a movie special but what are the choices.

Freddie Krueger


Jason Voorhee

A classic battle between two classic horror villains but who are you siding with and why?

That’s it for this week thank you all for following so far and see you all next week.

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