D-Arts “Megaman X” Figured Blasting To America

BigBadToyStore, a great location to pick up action figures from every era and country, has posted a listing for a D-Arts version of the star of Megaman X, X. Protodude’s Rockman Corner initially assumed it to be an import of the Japanese figure, until Bandai contacted them to clarify that it’s an American release of the figure. Capcom Unity seems to be as excited as everyone else is regarding the release. The description of the figure is as follows:

With over 15 years of history the Mega Man series continues to engage fans across various platforms. Now Mega Man will D-Arts advanced action figure series with Mega Man X. Figure set includes a full array of buster effect parts, including rotating effect parts. Figure also includes interchangeable face partsx2, as well as interchangeable hand and arm parts. Figure comprised of composite ABS, PVC, and POM materials for enhanced detail, durability, and articulation.

The D-Arts line primarily consisted of Digimon up to this point. While the addition of X is definitely welcome, it seems as almost an odd choice: X’s proven not to be as popular as his ally Zero, nor as iconic as his predecessor Megaman. Zero’s even representing the franchise alongside Tron Bonne in the upcoming Marvel VS. Capcom 3. His inclusion does continue to prove that action figures are now aimed towards adults, as not many kids would put $40 down for a character from a game from years past.

Me? I just want one.

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