Platform Nation’s “A Simple Question”: iPhone And Verizon

In case you somehow missed the announcement; iPhone and Verizon will be teaming up to provide their services in what we can only assume will be the first of several signs of the coming apocalypse.  As disgruntled AT&T users weigh their options on whether to jump ship, and hoards of Verizon clones anxiously await the release, I began to ponder my own smartphone decision.  Being a Verizon customer who can upgrade in October, do I continue with my Android? Get an iPhone? Check out the likely-soon-to-come Windows Phone 7?  Screw it all and go back to Blackberry?  It begged the question:

Is it too little, too late for iPhone and Verizon?  Did this ship sail? Will “The Network” crumble under the bandwidth of new iPhone users? Are you planning to get an iPhone on Verizon?

I know this applies more to US readers, but I’m curious if this deal should perhaps have been a bigger thing a few years ago, or if iPhone still has a big enough draw to warrant the wow-factor it did in the past?  Personally, I am just not as excited for the iPhone as I am for Windows Phone 7 (or 8, whatever iteration Verizon ultimately ends up getting); perhaps it’s the gamer in me more psyched about Xbox Live integration, but I just feel the iPhone is now “Been there, done that.” responds: “There will always be customers for different markets.  It’s not too late.”

A Simple Question (ASQ) is a weekly segment for Platform Nation.  Each week, you’ll be posed a question.   Give a response and let the world know what you think, there is no right or wrong answer here. If you have a suggestion for a question, hit me up on twitter @vttym.

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  • I for one can’t wait. I have been looking forward to getting an iPhone but I never wanted to use AT&T as service is spotty in my area. I currently have a Droid and it is crashing every time I turn around. I know the iPhone has it’s own problems but I do like the iPhone and can’t wait to get one. The only problem is Verizon wont let me upgrade right away so I do have a couple of extra months after launch until I can upgrade unless I wont to shell out a couple of extra hundred dollars.

    Never to late in my book and I think Verizon will be able to handle the the extra load (keeping fingers crossed)

  • I have an AT&T iPhone 3GS, and will likely change to Verizon this summer when my contract is up. I absolutely abhor AT&T, their dropped calls, their spotty network issues in large cities, and mostly their persistent habit of spurious over-billing charges, which require me to call customer service on a regular basis to have them remove the false charges. I will wait to see reports of the VZ iPhone, but I’m pretty fed up with AT&T.

  • I want the iPhone on Verizon. Been waiting for years, but I read an article that states, “The drawbacks of CDMA, namely the inability to use data and voice at the same time.” This is a major let down. I also saw that they are scheduled for an updated iPhone in the summer. With those two factors, I think I’m going to wait. On the bright side, my two year contract has been up for 6 months.

  • downsouthtigger

    The answer is up to the user, if you still feel you need to be a sheep, Err you really need to get the phone everyone has go for it. Its great that Verizon finally has it after dumbass decided it wasnt a phone that lived up to their expectations, hope whoever that was got fired.
    There are so many new phones coming out, but dont have the flair because they’re not apple branded. Yes its a stylish phone, but how many of the new Android OS phones have been very sexy as well? Comparisons to newer android phones have shown they compare and possibly exceed Iphone 4.
    The main drawback is apples life cycle on devices, plus this model only being 3g. Lte will be widely available so that means either an Iphone 4g or Iphone 5. Data and voice at the same time isn’t a big deal to me, as if I’m web surfing and on the phone I’m on a netbook. CDMA does have the ability to send text and voice at the same time, which has gotten some people confused on data & voice. Text & voice= yes, data (ie pix message) & voice= no. Last myth to bust is the network not being able to handle the data. Even B4 iphone VZW has a huge lineup of smart phones out there. If the network is going to be overloaded how does it handle all the Blackberry, android, and Windows phones now.
    To sum it up, wait for the next gen iphone since its so far in the life cycle. Android OS is up and coming and giving apple a run for the money, so Def look into their phones. Windows 7 is up and coming but I see great things out of it. As for blackberry its the old standby so you know what you’re getting and they’re updated their OS. Mostly remember its a phone, they’ve come a long way, but still the main reason to have one is talk/text.

  • for me the iphone is a boys toy while the Blackberry Torch is a real mans phone. iPhone is jack of all trades, and master of none.

    Maybe i’m been playing Devils Advocate as I live in the UK 🙂

  • I will stick with my droid till the iphone 5 later this year.

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    I’m looking forward to just getting a cell phone period as I don’t own one yet. The big problem for us is that my wife’s parents live in the UK and we live in the USA. We need our land line phone to talk. I know you can use Skype, and we do, but Skype doesn’t work for an emergency as it needs to be open and the pc needs to be on at all times. From our understanding, it is WAYYYYY to expensive to call internationally on a cell phone. It’s free for them to call us on the land line. So yeah, if it weren’t for that, we would already have one, but it’s too costly to own both for us at this time.

    When we do finally get a cell phone, it will probably be a Droid.