Kinect Sports and Dance Central Become Million Sellers

Two of the most important and critically acclaimed titles during Kinect’s launch past November have surpassed the million units sold in the US, according to Microsoft’s Chief of Staff for Interactive Entertainment Business Aaron Greenberg. Both titles were highly regarded by the critics, praising the accurate and precise body recognition and addictive gameplay mechanics. Dance Central even managed to win a couple of GOTY awards in categories like “Best Kinect Game” and “Best Rhythm Game“.

Dance Central gave new life to the dancing genre

In spite of all this, both games failed to reach the top of the charts for the holidays. Harmonix’s motion sensing dance title reached the 11th spot, while Rare’s sport game managed to climb to the 12th position.

Even so, Greenberg’s most recent tweet seems to confirm Dance Central and Kinect Sports are “breakout hits, both selling million units in the US alone“, even when those figures don’t exactly mean they’re dominating the charts (they are not). Here’s hoping this stimulates Rare and Harmonix to keep releasing outstanding pieces of software making full (or hybrid) use of the Kinect peripheral.

Looking forward to Rare's next big thing

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