Shift 2 Drifting To Store Shelves In March

If you have played Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, you’ll know of Shift 2 from the unskipable trailer for Shift 2 at the start when you put the disc in for the first time. Well now Shift 2 has been given a confirmed release date.

As revealed in a trailer, Shift 2 will be on store shelves at the end of March, specifically the 29th of March in the US. As a person from Europe, I revel in the news that it comes out March 24th over here. That’s 5 days more racing I get than most of the Platform Nation team!

I’m extremely excited to play Shift 2. I loved Shift 1 and any game with an in-car view is a buy for me. This game has come around quite soon though, I assumed it would be released late this year. Although we have Forza 4 to look forward to then.

Shift 2 is out March 29 in the US and March 24th in Europe.

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