New Spider-Man And Captain America Costumes

How awesome is this:

I don’t know about those guys behind him, but I really like the look of this Captain America costume.  It really strikes me as something that a soldier might wear in terms of durable functionality.  I’m not sure if they’re going to be moving toward a more spandex-filled look for the modern version, but this one definitely works for the period.

And then, there’s this:

I’m not sure I like what’s going on with the gloves and around the waist on the new Spider-Man costume.  Also, it looks like he should wait until the ink on his logo dries before going out to fight crime in the rain.  Maybe this is just his prototype version, and Andrew Garfield will change into a better looking suit as the movie progresses like in the Tobey Maguire version.

Finally, in other news, the Wonder Woman TV show has been stopped in it’s tracks.  It appears that every network on the planet has decided that they could live without the proposed series.  Looks like Linda Carter will remain everyone’s definitive live-action amazon for the time being.  And just to prove that there’s nothing wrong with that, I’ll close this out with this awesome picture:

Source: Entertainment Weekly, io9

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  • To me this seems like the final version of the suit, so theres no point really hoping or guessing that there will be another suit.

  • Sony why did you have to be stupid and remake Spider-Man you know you”re loosing money because no one will goo see that trash, people respect and honor and want Tobey not some douche we never hear of.